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Conclusion: !!! CAUTION: not recommended Due to current events !!! Ashley Madison is the world's largest casual Dating agencies and brings years of experience in the Arrangement of discrete, but in this country the offer is not yet as well known as other, similar services.

Pros and cons of Ashley Madison:

Positive in the case of Ashley Madison

  • Affairs guarantee program, otherwise, money back
  • Specializes in the discreet fling
  • International Affairs are possible
  • Special Service for business travelers (Traveling Man)
  • No Subscription Model

Negative in the case of Ashley Madison

  • Still not very known in Europe (the origin of the page is in the USA)
  • Extra fee for mobile use

Our tip to Ashley Madison

!!! CAUTION: not recommended Due to current events !!!

The purchase of 1,000 Credits (340€) köcan the Affären-guarantee-program take the Money-back-guarantee includes, if you should find it within the first 3 months no Affäre. Fair to and are advisable! They fit on an außerdem to the purchase of Credits in, because the mobile use costs extra and is already preactivated. In case of doubt, in the shopping cart, just disable it!

Ashley Madison-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 8 the actual contact sequence
  • 1 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for Ashley Madison

Members statistics

15% women

85% of men
The share of women at Ashley Madison

Suitability for adventure

  • The world's largest secret love-Portal
  • Special function for Manager travel

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 650.000
  • Demand trend: 10.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

!!! CAUTION: not recommended Due to current events !!!

1. Ashley Madison Review: Summary

Ashley Madison has a worldwide network of approximately 35. Million members and is one of the largest escapade agencies on the planet. The offer is communicative of women and men in a relationship or in Marriage. However, Singles should come here at their expense.

To see whether the promise of Ashley Madison are also in Germany, we have tested the fling portal over several weeks of intensive. The results of the test we have written together, to give you a better impression of Ashley Madison. The following test report is divided into practice, test, functions, and profiles quality, user-friendliness and price-performance ratio.

The practical test in the near future: In the Ashley Madison practice test, we wanted to know what people you can meet on such an affair mediation. It desperate wives, whose husband is constantly traveling on business? It may be sexually unsatisfied Housewives? Our practice test showed that there are in fact some of the Housewives on Ashley Madison. They were mostly married women with a child, the sought after a few years of marriage, a new confirmation, since the attention of the husband has deteriorated with time apparently. But it's not just Housewives, we were able to meet here. Women from different social strata with different backgrounds have sought out in the test over the course of the affair on Ashley Madison: Physicians, assistants, nurses, or entrepreneurs.

So Fake members and, presumably, automated system messages, we had to learn, unfortunately. There are many genuine members of Ashley Madison. Our impression was that there are many "entertainers", the men Write want to animate. Lake applies, in particular, in the case of "receiver pays" message.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: With regard to the functions of Ashley Madison, we like the fling Agency. The search for an affair partner can be either very simple (search within a radius, and age), or in the Detail broken down in the field of the advanced search options. Particularly interesting is the fact that you can also search in all the international markets of Ashley Madison to a Partner. In addition, there is a special feature for business travelers "Traveling Man". With this function, you can cover letter for 29 € 30 women in a strange city at a stroke.

The Profiles of the members first offer all relevant key data such as the age, height, weight, eye and hair color, as well as the regardless of marital status. Many of the images are anonymized or in the private Album hidden. Members of unlock images, according to the initial conversation in demand. Rounded off all of the Profiles, further information, such as "preferences", "What turns me on" and "What I'm looking for". Very interesting is also the members-Feedback is part of it. In the case of Ashley Madison, members of other members with whom you were in Mail contact can rate, similar to eBay.
User-friendliness in the near future: The registration on Ashley Madison is fast and easy. Even without E-Mail confirmation, you can start looking for a regular partner. Furthermore, there is a toll-free Hotline for Ashley Madison customers Monday – Friday from 13-21 hours a day by telephone.

Ashley Madison focuses on the so-called Credits System. That is, you buy a certain amount of Credits and can then use them to the notes made by women. No subscription, no automatic renewal. In a very customer-friendly model.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: Ashley Madison not the best Sex Dating site on the Internet. The prices are more likely to be in the mid to upscale Segment. A message to a woman costs – depending on the number of purchased Credits between 1,70€ - 3,50 €. Women can make use of Ashley Madison is completely free.

2. Ashley Madison is the practice test and the Ashley Madison experience

Ashley Madison specializes in affair to establish contacts. The offer has already been in the year 2002 in USA launched. Meanwhile, Ashley Madison is in approximately 30 countries and approximately 35 million registered members. Since 2010, Ashley Madison is represented in Germany and was able to win since then, over 650,000 page Springer for themselves.

Ashley Madison advertises with the Slogan "life is short. Take an affair.®“ and immediately conveys a discrete and reputable impression. We wanted to – as-a-Single – Ashley Madison is the test to see if one comes here really so easy to be an affair or a fling contact. In addition, we were curious about the people and their Motivation to fling. We tested Ashley Madison over a period of 6 months, and describe here our experience.

Fling in a foreign city

After the actual registration, we will have taken us a few minutes of your time, the profile revamp, and then directly searching for a regular partner to get started. In the case of the registration of the real Name nowhere to be and no other very private things queried. Aha – so this is also an important point that distinguishes an ordinary Dating site a fling page. Only the postal code for better localization of search results is required. The search radius and we will not have passed to closely, since we put a fling necessarily of value on a woman in the same city. A search radius of 50 km, however, should be sufficient. The fact that you can vary the city, even internationally, is Ashley Madison for finding an affair in any city. So, for holiday and business travel conceivable.

In profile, the preferences will be queried, therefore, personal interests and so the idea of a perfect sex partner. At this point, you need to put only the crosses in the right boxes. We have focused in the preferences of classic. No fancy things like Threesome, aggressiveness, or Sex slave. Experience has shown that one has in the case of "ordinary" Sex preferences more hits and is predominantly real, serious Profiles. Thus, in the case of Ashley Madison.

Affairs at Ashley Madison

When you try a first lady to write comes very quickly to the touch, the Credits are not sufficient to perform this action. True, there was something. Ashley Madison costs money. For the Sending of messages men have to pay. We decide us for the biggest package (1,000 Credits), to take advantage of the affair guarantee or, in case of doubt, the money to be able to guarantee exercise, if everything should just be a rip-off.

In order to be entitled to the Affairs guarantee, you can while the membership of a certain level of Activity to be identified. You should then in the period of 3 months, no affair found have you get your money back.

The criteria to be met are:

  • At least a profile picture
  • VIP to send messages to at least 18 different contacts per month
  • A minimum of 5 gifts per month to send
  • A minimum of 60 minutes of chat per month

Uff, that sounds almost like "work". We go, therefore, and to write the first 15 women.

Hi [Ashley Madison user name], I think we could fit well together. We have the same sexual preferences. Tell me please something more about you. Why would You like me yet? LG

The first Meeting after 17 days

Unfortunately, we have the experience that hardly any of the women had responded. Of the total of 15 written contacts, we received 2 answers. In the end it came to a little more than 2 weeks to have a proper sex. That it had lasted so long, was not because the lady was undecided. At affair contacts must be taken into account to the factor, who, can, when, really, without a Partner, caught in the act. The communication with the lady from the beginning what is pleasant, friendly, and on the same wave length.

The Affairs guarantee, we have not had to take thus in the claim. Since we came in the first three months at our expense. The idea of extramarital Affairs is but still very good, because you know if it behaves the same in other cities as well, such as in our case, in Munich, Germany.

Which women cavort with Ashley Madison?

Our long-term test over 6 months, had brought a few sex shows. Have we encountered women from different social classes in different age classes. Most of the women were married and had children. In your marriage you have not received the necessary confirmation, and longed, therefore, to a one-time fling. We talked with Doctors, Accountants, shop assistants and Housewives. There are more Housewives that we have made were felt. But perhaps so for the reason that there is much to agree easier with this group of women set up a Meet.

We have also made the experience that you do in the search for a affair easier, if you define the sexual preference is more "normal". In the "normal range" seem to be more female members to be on the road and less Fakes. Anyone looking for fancy stuff, has a higher probability of on the Fakes to.

The Ashley Madison Success Rate

We have experimented with our Ashley Madison Test different messages to see what influence you can take on the actual responses obtained with a properly formulated message. Below you will find an Overview of our Ashley Madison contact test.

Image: statistics of the contact tests on Ashley Madison

Conclusion for the Ashley Madison practice test: On Ashley Madison you will find many married women and men looking often for a new confirmation outside of their marriage. Anyone who expects a Sex Meet on the same day, is here definitely wrong. To arrange a fling meeting usually lasts a few days. The first sex meeting concluded after about 2 weeks in our test case. Even if we were able to arrange a few sex meetings, we get the impression that Ashley Madison more frequently, animators are used to stay in order to motivate the men to it. Nevertheless, The affair guarantee gives you a good feeling and it will work out with the affair!

3. Ashley Madison functions and Ashley Madison Profiles

If you look at the Ashley Madison functions, you quickly notice that the company already provides for over 14 years page jumps. The Portal is reduced to the Essential, on the other hand it also offers a few additional features that are quite innovative and make sense. More on that later.

Comprehensive search possible, also on an international

After registration you can start immediately with the search for a infidelity partner. On the quick search, you only define the age, the radius of the search and can even specify, when was the last time that a member of Ashley Madison, what is active (e. g. in the last 24 hours or not longer than 10 days in the case of Ashley Madison).

Image: quick search and search radius in the case of Ashley Madison

The experience has shown that members who have logged in recently or are still relatively new to Ashley Madison, have responded to it more often. A higher activity or a new application is always associated with a higher Motivation. Our experience with the Ashley Madison Tests.

Interesting is the fact that you can select the country and the city as a base for the search is free. We have taken in the Test although there are no women in other countries, however, this works in some countries, Ashley Madison is still better than in Germany. So, particularly in markets where the fling deal is already been available for years, for example, in the United States.

The advanced search also offers numerous filter options (Size, weight, language, figure, etc.) to better target

Fling for the business man (Traveling Man)

Specially designed for business men who don't have much time and want to pleasure, has Ashley Madison is called the Traveling Man Service to life. You can select the location of your business trip and with a single message 30 women in the city cover letters. You can still Age range, character, origin, and language as a Filter to define . The unique use of the service costs € 29. The messages are sent as a VIP messages. That is to say that the message highlighted will arrive in the mailbox of the ladies. Thus, the busy business man may save money, but also a lot of time.

Image: filter options for Traveling to (A fling-Service for business travelers)

Ashley Madison, members can rate other users

A very interesting idea, which was adapted from the online store (e.g. eBay or Amazon) in the case of Ashley Madison, is the ability to rate the other members. During the Test, we did not have the impression that the function has been used in Germany already often. In the case of members from the United States, there are significantly more reviews. It's members can be assessed, which was already in the Mail exchange. The evaluation criteria are:

  • well in the Chat
  • on fantasies
  • the time is worth it
  • best personally
  • hot thing
  • relish
  • is always better
  • holds promise
  • popular

The reviews should always be with a slight wink lakes. They are mainly used for entertainment, give a but still a certain impression on the particular Ashley Madison member.

Image: members of reviews on Ashley Madison

Photos to anonymize and in the private Album to drop

Anonymity and discretion belong to the key success factors of a well-functioning affair Agency. In the area of Ashley Madison has done a good job. For one, you can anonymize your own profile photo (e.g., with a mask or blur the images), on the other, Ashley Madison gives you the ability to encrypt your images. This means that your images will be stored in a discreet and private photo gallery. Selected members with whom you get on well, you can grant the key to this photo gallery. You can remove the key but also at any time.

Image: anonymous-capitalization function for the profiles pictures at Ashley Madison

There are Fake Profiles on Ashley Madison?

Unfortunately, Yes! There are Fake members on Ashley Madison that set the first interactions in motion. Fake is perhaps expressed too hard. But there is the case of Ashley Madison animation-Algorithms to motivate men to Pay. In particular, in the case of the "beneficiary pays" letters we had gained this impression. You get always letters from women, you can read only if you pay for the reading of the message. There were mostly very short meaningless messages. After we responded to the message we have heard from the woman again. We didn't like here.

In the terms and conditions of Ashley Madison, you agree to however, this practice even.

To extract from the General terms and conditions:

To show "so that people who are guests on our Website what you can expect as members, we are able to create Profiles which serves as a communication experience. These Profiles allow us to collect messages, Instant Chat and / or replies from individuals or programs for market research and / or customer experience and / or quality control and / or Beiachtungs purposes.... You acknowledge and agree that some of the Profiles to communicate on the site with you as a guest member of the fictional may be.
Our recommendation is, therefore, To take control of their own destiny and not to wait for letters from women on Ashley Madison. If you are contacted by women here, there are two Probable scenarios. Either the woman doesn't like you or she is actually a Fake. Therefore, you are necessarily active, and the best you can on the affair guarantee. Here you must follow certain rules (in particular, to remain active), but at the end of the activity usually ends in an affair that you like. This is not the case, you have caught is still the Option of their money back reliable.

Conclusion to the Ashley Madison functions and the Ashley Madison profiles Ashley Madison gives successful Affairs for more than 10 years in around 30 countries worldwide, it shows. No unnecessary bells and whistles with the direct path to the goal: the fling. Animation mail a negative impression, but the affair guarantee gives you the confidence in Ashley Madison. If it is active, it works indeed, so with the fling with the help of the service.

4. User-friendliness

The registration on Ashley Madison is already very user-friendly. Is queried, only the bare necessities. Personal information is omitted solely for reasons of Anonymity completely . In addition to the General information such as age, height, weight, figure, hair and eye color, you will be asked what you are looking for Ashley Madison. The choices are:

  • Letter Affair
  • Longer Affair
  • Cyber Affair / Erotic Chat
  • What irritates me
  • No Taboos
  • Undecided

According to the definition of the user name and enter your postcode you are now an active member of one of the world's greatest fling-services.

Be careful what you buy at Ashley Madison""

The page is set up so user friendly that one almost overlooks the crucial moments, what you are buying here actually. If Credits Is, for example, buy, is enabled in the additional acquisition of the mobile access already. The works in the Checkout (so on the way to the checkout) so, of course, will cost you 29 € extra. If you can live without the mobile access, you save 29 €, but need to disable the purple "apply" Button is Selected.

So, the terms and conditions are in the case of Ashley Madison, a little confusing (or even out-of-date? Or Intention!). Because it is a subscription and to terminate the possibility, although the current model is not a subscription model and more. Be purchased here for Credits, you pay a one-off. A notice of termination is omitted. What is actually so user-friendly, the confusing terms and conditions spoil one but a little bit of the good mood. According to the terms and conditions Ashley Madison has not the right to automatic invoicing and automatic Recharge of your account, when you login, for example, for 90 days and your account would be disabled. Take care and in case of doubt, terminate, if you do not want to use Ashley Madison, and more!

Customer service & Support is free of charge

Ashley Madison has a great help section with many FAQ's. But, unfortunately, we must say that the FAQs sometimes confuses us more than they have helped. Be discussed here are partial functions, that we have not found on the Website.

Positively, however, it is striking that you can reach the customer service Department of Ashley Madison by phone. From Monday to Friday the Hotline in the period 13 you-21h available for free. The numbers for Germany, Austria, Switzerland lake next to it.

Ashley Madison Contact

Germany: 0800 181 7578
Austria: 0800 296092
Switzerland: 0800 835 074

[email protected]

Conclusion for the Ashley Madison user-friendliness: The operation of the page is generally user-friendly and easy to navigate very quickly. The terms seem to be all sorts of eventualities to cover, and Ashley Madison will give the right to automatic withdrawal in case of non-activity. Take care and best to cancel if you do not want to use the service more. Positive, however, is that the customer service is also free of charge can be reached by phone. Here you can clarify in case of doubt, the open-ended questions.

5. Ashley Madison Price-To-Performance Ratio

The pricing model of Ashley Madison is currently based on a system of points (= Credits). The Credits you can purchase in different packages and pay-per-action.

The Credits can be purchased in the following quantities:

Image: Ashley Madison cost in the acquisition of Credits

The biggest package (1,000 Credits) includes at the same time, the affair guarantee . That is to say: If you come within 3 months, no affair, even though they have been just as active as Ashley Madison is prescribed, you will get back 100% of your money. This is a fair gesture!

In order to get a better feel for the prices and costs of the respective services in the case of Ashley Madison, we have listed below the costs (in Credits) for individual actions:

  • Message: 5 Credits
  • VIP message: plus. 5 Credits
  • Recipient pays to read message: 5 Credits
  • 30 Minutes Chat: 30 Credits
  • 60 Minutes Chat: 50 Credits
  • Virtual gifts send: 20-50 Credits

You can also purchase the so-called "Champions Status" at Ashley Madison. This will cost you in addition 0,99 € per day and 29,70 € for a month. With the Champions Status, will be displayed in the search results of the female Ashley Madison members are always in Position 3. In addition, your profile will be highlighted in particular.

Conclusion to the Ashley Madison cost: Ashley Madison is not cheap . The cost for a message to be between 1,70 € – 3,50 €. However, the product is very well thought out, and over the last few years matured. In view of the Affairs of-warranty, we recommend Ashley Madison at best to use the largest Credits package (1.000). Although this is quite expensive, but with the guarantee of a fling, otherwise you get your money back.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

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