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Conclusion: BeNaughty is young, cheeky and sexy. This Sexdating offer impresses with a sexually open-minded Community without taboos. Who likes it straight and ananständig, you should try BeNaughty.

Advantages and disadvantages of BeNaughty:

Positive at BeNaughty

  • Large international Sexdating brand
  • 5 messages of the day free ship
  • Cheap trial membership for 3 days
  • Naughty and directly

Negative at BeNaughty

  • Sexually expllizite language
  • Limited free membership

Our tip to BeNaughty

The 3-T—gige trial costs only 1,49 € of the day. You can test BeNaughty for 3 days non-binding with all the features.

BeNaughty-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 9 actual contact sequence
  • 1 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate at BeNaughty

Members statistics

44% women

56% of men
The share of women at BeNaughty

Suitability for adventure

  • All the like, it is indecent, to find BeNaughty well
  • A Wide Range Of Communication Functions

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 1.700.000
  • Demand trend: 20.000

The degree of activity in Germany

1. The BeNaughty Test - A Summary

Who wants to live out his sex life and his indecency in full, the BeNaughty certainly is the right environment and the right Partner. Whether man or woman, and just the same no matter whether Old or Young.

The main focus in our Test were designed to see whether BeNaughty is his reputation as one of the piggy want to sites in this Segment. And of course, how accessible is the female BeNaughty community really is.

The practical test in the near future: This showed us quite quickly, there is that on BeNaughty really almost any time of the day - and night-time minor traffic. No one has created a profile and the first contact started trying, is one of the BeNaughty community with a variety of messages and contact requests accordingly welcomed.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: As already mentioned, and BeNaughty is for sure one of the time according to most websites or Apps for erotic Dates. Packed with practical Features and applications, but the discussion forum stands out as a special feature, and with a variety of valuable tips and advice comes up.
User-friendliness in the near future: To have, in principle, quite simple and easy to handle. And if confusion should occur, the solution is usually quite fast in the questions and answers section, find. If this is not always enough, then it is still the customer service in the wind while and easily via an Online form to contact us. Even a possible termination, for whatever reason, this will do.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: With regard to a premium membership, BeNaughty is not counted to the cheapest provider. The most expensive but just a little. And if it is then the quality of the Software and service in General into consideration, the price-performance ratio, certainly in the front area.

2. The BeNaughty Test

Image: Welcome to BeNaughty Email to confirm, and away you go

To be able To make a standardised comparison of the in Germany available Dating sites and offer to perform, we have a own Contact test developed. Through this, we have so BeNaughty to run in order to check the offer on the heart and kidneys. In the course of this testing, we always use two Profiles, a female as a male, and use the tested page over several weeks, as an average, contact-seeking customer. Furthermore, we also try as many as possible comments of other users in our Test to include, in order to be as objective as possible picture of the background Service.

2.1 The first impression of BeNaughty-Germany

With the three keywords, game, fun, and even more we are reminded of the same at a well-known television advertising. But no, seriously, due to the variety of Features and applications to go almost in a playful way on the hunt for his dream partner, at least, in erotic terms, is BeNaughty really the fun is in the foreground. Apart from the erotic, you don't get over. To mention here, however, is that some of these features are only available to premium customers.

The user profiles are not only visually appealing, but also informative, which reduces the risk of a "false contact" from the outset. So man or woman, not only but among other things, information to favorite positions, erogenous zones, and even preferences when it comes to sex toys, and erotic films, if these are naturally present at all.

Image: What is the position, it should be the preferred way? Tick, what they stand for!

2.2. The contact test at BeNaughty-Germany in practice

We applied the contact test provides a very good basis of evaluation of Dating sites, especially away from superficial appearance and functionality, namely, focused on what matters. The contact with other users of both sexes. Two parameters are applied, on the one hand active, on the other hand, positive contact attempts. This Test was at BeNaughty satisfactory, especially in view of the fact that there are so away from the big cities enough, and, above all, active, users.

To bring a bit more to the point, we lead the following are a few concrete Figures. We have carried out with our male profiles 100 contact attempts. On the different at BeNaughty possible Ways (messages, Chats, winks, messages or Likes). On this 100 contact attempts, we get in Total 9 answers. This is rather below average in comparison with the other sites for erotic Dating in Germany.

2.3 The BeNaughty users in Detail

On the Profiles and also the information you provide, we touched upon a moment ago. So here, once again, to repeat – visually appealing and comprehensively informative. Above all, they provide a lot of relevant Information, which is not for any contact attempt, and a later adventure, Yes, irrelevant quite. So, the range of sexual preferences and interests of a user, therefore, provides an indication of whether this is because dirty really just like you or even more.

Age-wise most of the users are in the range of between 25-40 years the entire spectrum ranges from about 20-50. So concerning optical claims should be something for everyone to find. From thin and slender to something catchy, at BeNaughty each Gusto is satisfied.

Therefore, at this point, once again, a small piece of advice from our side. A little more time in the creation of a premium profile to invest. Later in the pays far more suitable contact suggestions, and of course –try, in any case, more than how.

Another significant theme, with which we us in our contact test deal with the so-called are Fake Profiles. These are, unfortunately, not on any major and economic contact page, and are mostly operated by women from the horizentalen trades, to generate the try new clientele. Therefore, it is also used in BeNaughty inevitably to such meeting, whereby the number of moves but, first, in the acceptable normal range, and secondly, the customer service to remove more than interested in this from the side. Of the in the Discover of such a profile, this simply to this report. That should solve the Problem, if it corresponds to the truth, in a nutshell.

Conclusion to BeNaughty practice test: In summary, BeNaughty could leave a very appealing impression in our Test, and who blew it on the Sizzling eroticism and the something-wicked addition to it, BeNaughty, at least once.

3. The user-friendliness of BeNaughty

Another not insignificant point in the case of our Test, especially in the case of paid Offers, but it is also important that the user does not loose only hate expensive bought Credits to the fact that a technical Feature to work properly or its operation is not clear. Therefore, first of all, the customer service should not only achieve good, but also really be helpful. So, a notice should be smoothly as well as promptly be made.

This is the first record that these Notice at BeNaughty just just works. You must only disable it after Logging in to his account in the settings of the subscription, which will be extended, otherwise, again and again automatically. And at the end of the next subscription period, the termination is automatic. This must, however, be observed in the case of a three-day trial, as this extended, otherwise, so automatically. However, in the case of contact pages on the Internet is common practice.

The customer service is to reach easily and quickly via a web form. The first Time you will have to search some to find this, but from the second Time you already know where to look. To check the quality of the Services we have asked a few questions about subscriptions, and to their maturities, as well as the respective advantages. All of these questions were answered within a day thoroughly and carefully.

Conclusion to the user's experience with BeNaughty: In summary, one can say that BeNaughty is so in terms of user friendliness, nothing to be desired. The customer service responds in a timely manner and, above all, helpful. Cancellations shall be made customer-oriented and smoothly according to the General terms and conditions.

4. The BeNaughty Functions

Much easier and faster registration will not expire actually. The entire registration process should take a total of no more than three minutes. With the E-Mail to register, then enter the password, user name, and a brief Slogan, so to speak, as a business card, come up with. Finally, confirm your E-Mail and we can start with the search of a companion for casual and kinky adventures.

After Logging in, a wide range of filters are available to search first on the most important characteristics, such as gender, area, distance, or even an age range to restrict. But who wants to look exactly the more than 70 additional search filters are available.

Image: Filter exactly what you are looking for at BeNaughty

4.1 The user forum at BeNaughty

The discussion forum is always worth a visit. Not only because you will receive here are many tips, Tricks and advice about Flirting on BeNaughty. But also, and especially, because particularly easy contact to other members can be made.

Image: in the mood for Dirty Talk? In the BeNaughty Forum, you should be able to a suitable discussion, lake

4.2 chat rooms

Whom to have an intimate conversation at the beginning should still be a little too much, or who would like to get to know the usual "tone" of the platform first of all as a silent observer, the variety of Chats are available at any time. There are not only your own chat rooms for Germany, but so you can immerse yourself in the international world of eroticism from BeNaughty.

Image: BeNaughty Chat

4.3 Like-me function

On Facebook the photos of other members of both sexes can be provided created here with Likes. This is not only fun and, above all, the mood more, but also serves as a Form of contact.

Other forms would be, for example, the Video Chat, wink messaging and turn on Facebook friendship requests created.

Image: With a "Like," can you mark that you particularly like

Conclusion to the BeNaughty functions: In summary, the BeNaughty App has a large number of useful applications, to facilitate especially the contact with other users and varied. To emphasize especially the most various ways to make his search based on your own preferences and requirements are also. A great thing we can find!

5. BeNaughty Price-To-Performance Ratio

In most of the contact and flirt sites on the Internet, the opportunity to take this first of all without the cost and risk-free in claim. At least for a mostly limited period of time. BeNaughty offers this possibility as well, and goes even a step. Here even the first message can be sent completely free of charge.

However, if you want to take the Service in consequence of extensive in the claim, then there's no way to have a paid variant in the past.

The resulting benefits can then also see:

  • Unlimited Message Transmission
  • Full access to search results
  • Photos are all shown
  • In addition, all members photos can be viewed without restriction
  • Contact popular users

A subscription costs essentially between 15 - 22 euros a month depending on the type and duration of the contract. In addition, the possibility of the offer within a three day trial period without obligation and for about 2 Euro on the day to meet . However, this must be just terminated like any other BeNaughty subscription in time, because it converts otherwise after the expiration of the probationary period automatically in a one-month contract.

If you find within the trial period Like the offer, it is advisable to opt for a subscription, because within the first 72h discounts on this offer. This can be up to 30%. So it is to stop after the registration the eyes to these discounts, not to miss any.

Image: Within the first 3 days after Registration, you can get for a Premium membership with a 30% discount

But please, therefore, always keep in mind that all subscriptions and premium services increase at BeNaughty automatically to the initially acquired in the period if they are not terminated in a timely manner.

Conclusion for the price-to-performance ratio of BeNaughty: In summary, BeNaughty offers in respect of the offer is quite fair, and so the market appropriate prices. In addition, there is also still the possibility of three-day non-binding sample sniff, the Service to learn about and possibly love.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

BeNaughty Summary

In The Test: BeNaughty
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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