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Conclusion: Poppen.de is the largest Sex communities in the world. The Name is program. The members of the Community are very active and open-minded. Significantly more men than women, but still a lot of fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of Poppen.de:

Positive in the case of Poppen.de

  • The largest Sex Community in Germany
  • The members are very active and motivated
  • Poppen.de it is also free of charge usable
  • Very large discussion forum

Negative in the case of Poppen.de

  • Surplus of men
  • No mobile App

Our tip to Poppen.de

The registry is zunächst completely free of charge . You köcan with no risk sign up and see if you the mood within the Poppen.de Community gefällt. Extra Tip: The große Poppen.de The Forum is a great way to to new Sex-meet contacts.

Poppen.de-key figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 20 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate Poppen.de

Members statistics

30% of women

70% of men
The quota of women in Poppen.de

Suitability for adventure

  • Largest Sex Community
  • Great Forum and regional Sex chat

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 4.000.000
  • Demand trend: of 670,000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. Poppen.de Test: Summary

Already in 2004 poppen.de was founded-as-a-Sex-Community for sexually open-minded and sexually interested people. After more than 10 years, the Community could grow to over 4 million users and is the largest Sex Community in the German-speaking countries.

In our Poppen.de Test we wanted to see, which constitutes the charm of the poppen.de Community. There are only men or can be found on Poppen.de women looking for a discrete relationship? What people use Poppen.de and you can speak at all of a typical poppen.de user? We will clarify and report the following in our practical test. In addition, we are talking about special Poppen.de functions, the quality of the user experience, and ultimately we evaluate the price-performance ratio.

Practice test soon : Can you arrange to meet on poppen.de in fact, the week or so it will here only be discussed over the Hump? With this question in mind, we have an Account at poppen.de and are immersed in the Depths of the great Sex-Community. Even if Poppen.de is quite male dominated, come here many real appointments between men and women or between couples. The Meet can search in the Chat, the usual members-or in the discussion Forum to be made. All three learning mechanisms seem to be largely the same. You have to consider just what you desire and thus is ready to actively participate. Without activity, in a logical way, not a Date! You should pay attention so, to whom it provides erotic images. So "Fakes" that are only images from before come.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The Poppen.de Community is a round thing that has been developed over the years and thus always better to use. The high level of activity and Motivation of the members, one learns very quickly as soon as you log on in the Chat or a look in the Poppen.de discussion forum throws. Often, more than 20,000 members are at the same time online. The usual Dating features, contests, erotic photo, and a calendar of events, perfectly complemented.

The Profiles of the members are compact and meaningful. Most of the members are to describe exactly what you are looking for poppen.de . It can be ordinary sex meetings, companion for Clubs and Sex parties or people who share a particular fetish, and Sex experiment involved. Everything is in there!

User-friendliness in the near future: At first glance Poppen.de acts already come into the years. However, if one starts with the individual Poppen.de functionalities to deal, you realize quickly that there is much more behind it. Many of the features are well thought out and user-friendly. Often a separate Pop-Up window, for example, if you click on more information, so that you can lose the variety of options, nevertheless, never the path. The customer service is fast and friendly. A telephone Hotline is available for an additional charge (0900 number, 0,99 € per Minute).
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: The price-performance-ratio is excellent in poppen.de . The registration and use of the Sex Community are even in the basic version completely free of charge. The free membership brings you in contact with many Poppen.de members. The advanced type of membership (Premium and VIP) are available starting at 4,49 € and 7,49 € per month.

2. Poppen.de practice test and Poppen.de experience

Poppen.de referred to as Germany's biggest erotic Community and advertises with the Slogan "...and when are You coming?" We want to understand in our practice test better to what's going on poppen.de in front of you and whether you can meet there so "normal" people, or only Perverse. Furthermore, the question of whether one can ever encounter enough women in the name of the platform. We have tested and report here our Poppen.de experience.

The Test Poppen.de lasted around 6 months. We started with a basic profile, which we upgraded after 3 days on a VIP membership in order to have a better feel for the full range of functions of the Sex Community.

To Refine many of the opportunities for the private profiles

After registration, we note that we can still put much more information in our profiles. In the course of the registration process (which went quickly), we have exploited only 17% of the possibilities. Before we go on the search for sex interested women, we complete the profile a little. The Interview takes the most time. We have therefore not answered all the questions, but responded to one or the other question. In the Interview, for example, the following questions:

Image: completion of the profile Poppen.de

  • What kind of people are You hoping for here? What are the characteristics of Your ideal sex partner?
  • How many years have You had Your First Time?
  • Would You describe Yourself more as a corrupted, or rather than innocent? Why?

You have to think when answering the questions, but somehow it's so fun and sure to increase the success rate if you log on as a newcomer to such an established Community. Our Advice: Take some more time for the questions, especially if you want to make a profile picture of them in public.

Members search and contact

After Filling out the profiles, we embark on the journey of exploration and want to learn more about the poppen.de members and, hopefully, soon to meet in person. Within the search, you can define not only the basic data such as age and proximity search, if you want to meet members with or without financial interests. Among the 4 million members of Poppen.de you will find thus several professional ladies who offer their services. Very cleverly, it is, however, that you can exclude professional services on the search what we have immediately made.

The radius search works unfortunately only for VIP or Premium customer. This was also a reason why we will soon have such a membership is purchased.

Very quickly you realize that the Poppen.de members are generous, the least, but face pictures clean. Many members have no public profile photo or show, only without a face (for example, only the butt, the Breasts or a full body shot without a face).

We pick out the interesting first ladies, and send up to 5 messages.

Hi [Poppen.de user name], I think we could fit well together. We have the same sexual preferences. Tell me please something more about you. Why would You like me yet? LG“

The first Meeting after 18 days

The first 5 women who we have contacted, has answered a woman. We were with her for a while in contact, but for a quick Meeting, it was not meant to be.

In the course of the Tests, we have remained, of course, it and have chosen different paths to explore the poppen.de Community better. We have used the Chat rooms, and also in the Forum, we have looked around us.

Chat with Poppen.de can be lengthy. It is discussed here about God and the world. So, not only over the Hump. People share their weekend plan, but they also talk about the best Outdoor Locations for Sex. Everything is in there. In the course of the Tests, we have also met women on the Chat. The first Poppen.de Date came about actually through a Chat discussion.

Here we made friends with a woman in the Chat "friendly", in the following days, even exchanged a couple of Times online, on the phone and then soon (18. The day of our field trial) taken.

Formula for success in Poppen.de to fuck

A generally valid formula for success, there probably isn \ 't. Nevertheless, we want to our Poppen.de experience try a "success formula" to derive.

Poppen.de works and you can meet on the platform wonderful women. Since men are considerably in Excess (on Wikipedia it is said this), women need to come up with a mass of messages clear. For many women, it is sometime too much and you write back rarely. If a woman writes back, it is rarely in their little original speech, unless you come up with a line like "wanna Bang?" or "Fuck?" in.

To be with poppen.de successfully, you should not expect to fuck within a few days. You should take some time in the Community immersed . The Sex comes at some point is almost inevitable from alone. You chat, discuss in Forum and to write to members who share your interests. To give you but in any case. All Poppen.de members have not logged in for free on this page. Nevertheless, there are many, the need for a while, until you meet with someone.

Poppen.de success rate

In order to have comparability with other Sex-portal, we would like to evaluate the following, only the contact via message. However, discussion of participation in the Poppen.de Chat has always led again to success.

Image: evaluation of contact tests in Poppen.de

Conclusion to Poppen.de practice test: Poppen.de is ideally suited to popping to and so in the world of erotic deep dive. You can expand on Poppen.de definitely his sexual horizons. It was only in the discussion forum, in the best case, but in the case of a real Meeting. Many Poppen.de members know what they want and have erotic fantasies that do not correspond certainly to the average citizen. Freedom of movement, imagination and lots of erotic the is Poppen.de

3. Poppen.de functions and Poppen.de Profiles

The Poppen.de Community has grown over the years and has numerous functionalities that have been developed. In the following, we want to highlight a few of the more notable features that we liked when Testing poppen.de .

In the Poppen.de Chat flirt and Dating

The Poppen.de Chat we have mentioned already in the practice test. The Chat is one of the largest Chat services in Germany. More than 3,000 people are here at the same time online. The numerous members organize themselves in different Chat rooms. The selection is great and of course you can open new Chat rooms.

In addition to the many regional Chat rooms, there are here a number of thematically specialized spaces such as "role games", "50+" "naked at home", "extremely dirty" or Chat rooms promoting the specific appointments, such as the "naked Hiking", or "car Park, meeting now". Here, everyone finds his game or discussion partner.

As already mentioned, in the Chat, we were able to close again and again acquaintances, who have later led to a Meeting. It should be but be aware that you should allow for a little more time. First of all, you need to immerse yourself in the Chat discussion, and then an interesting woman for a private conversation to try to win.

Image: selection of the chat rooms at Poppen.de

Search for members, pictures, Videos, Swingers clubs and Parking meetings

The search option includes at Poppen.de different categories. You may search for members in the defined zip code area. Direct contacts with financial interests (Escorts) can be filtered out. Members can also set a Filter which contacts you want to receive messages. That is, it comes to that you encounter a woman that you like, you can't cover letter but, because it fits in your search pattern in.

In addition, poppen.de has an extensive database of pictures and Videos of their own members. So here you can filter, for example, by postal code, FSK 16 or FSK 18, and according to the character of the respective member. This area, however, is withheld only to Premium members of Poppen.de .

Image: General search options Poppen.de

In addition to the Videos will be on Poppen.de nationwide Swingers clubs and Parking lot get-togethers (resting places) listed where you usually find willing Dating. Note: The Parking meeting, we have not tried in our testing. The descriptions of the various Parking venues are pretty accurate. We assume that one or other of the tryst to come about.

Image: Swinger's Club area on Poppen.de

Anonymous SMS without own mobile phone number

A further notable function of the free and anonymous sending of SMS messages this is. If you don't want to give their own phone number and price, but still its new Poppen.de acquaintance a SMS to send, so you can send over Poppen.de for free SMS. The number of free SMS is limited to 10 or 15 per day (Depending on the nature of your membership).

Picture: input mask for the free SMS for Poppen.de

Own @poppen.de E-Mail me?

You want to surprise your friends with an explicit E-Mail address? If you want to, you can set up a @poppen.de E-Mail. The entire address consists of your user name and @poppen.de. Caution: Not for applications use, unless you want to apply poppen.de ;-)

There are Fake Profiles in Poppen.de?

A successful service such as Poppen.de is predestined for Fakes. Among the 4 million members are definitely Fake contacts. For Clarification: The company, which operates Poppen.de it has to inject don't need Fake members in the Community. The Community is large enough and not in need of Fakes. When we speak of Fakes, so that two different groups of people are meant to be:

1. It is not that you get messages from ladies who want to make other paid services outside of poppen.de attention. There Poppen.de it is completely free to use and a huge range, there are, unfortunately, the freeloaders, the need in this way poppen.de miss to on your own services to add.

2. Unfortunately, one meets from time to time, members posing as someone else (e. g. men than women) or members who actually want to have only images of a to satisfy it. To Meet search members, however, are never ready.

Therefore, be vigilant and follow any invitations to other websites, no matter how attractive the woman looks like. In the second group, unfortunately it is a bit more difficult to identify search members. Helpful it can be, for example, some of the personal questions more often. Often hide search Fake members in lie Ricken, as you know, a few days later, what they told before.

So that you can maneuver safely within the poppen.de Community, has introduced the operator some years ago, the authenticity check. To do this, you must stand in front of a camera with a sheet of paper. On the sheet of paper you plan to write the current date and your name. The image you send to the Poppen.de editor and receive at the same time, a seal of Authenticity for your profiles. With an approved profile, you have to land usually results in better opportunities in the Poppen.de members as a newcomer to.

Conclusion to the Poppen.de functions and the Poppen.de profiles: The Poppen.de Community is very Mature and grown up over years. The search function is structured and to Browse the entire Poppen.de database allows, regardless of whether you are looking for members, images, Videos, or events and Parking lot hangouts. The members profiles are usually meaningful. Often the profiles will be kept, but "hidden". Watch out for: Unfortunately, Fakes are the go here. In the case of a free Community with 4 million members, this can hardly be avoided.

4. User-friendliness

The Website Poppen.de is very user-friendly. Although the site has many functions, can be found here is always fast. The application procedure is quickly mastered.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to take in the hindsight, a few minutes of your time to make the profile more meaningful. This is handled here by most members. Imagine the whole from their own perspective: it offers but also, if you visit a profile of a lady or of a gentleman, where one learns more about the personality and Motivation of the Person. For such people, it is so much easier starting point for the first message.

What is so very good is the fact that when you Click more info, or request for further Details time and again a Pop-Up window comes up and you don't leave the actual (previous) page is like that. That is, they come here from the "way".

The notice is not in poppen.de necessary

Should you opt for a paid membership poppen.de apply here only a 24 Hour notice period . This means you can cancel your premium membership for 24 hours prior to the actual expiration. The termination can also be carried out conveniently in the logged-in state on the page. It is not to send necessary written or digital notice of termination. This is implemented in a very user-friendly!

Paid Service Hotline

If you have any questions about poppen.de there are several ways to come to contact our customer service team. The most expensive option, however, is on the phone. If you have a free or a Premium membership, you need to the 0900-number to call (0,99 € / Minute). VIP members will receive a phone number that you can call at the local Council.

If you want to free the poppen.de Support pre, you can do that via the contact form or by E-Mail. In the contact form and select the request category of your question, and the Mail will be forwarded to the competent Person in customer service.

Who has a Fax, you can reach customer service by Fax. The costs are just as high as in the case of a call (0,99 €).

Poppen.de contact

0900-133 40 10 88
(0,99 € / Min.)
Mo.-Fr. 09.00-21.00

0900- 133 40 10 77
(0,99 € / Min.)

[email protected]

Conclusion to Poppen.de user-friendliness: In the case of Poppen.de it is a user-friendly site. The termination arrangements are structured in a very customer-friendly. The Support answers quickly and tries to resolve requests as quickly as possible. The only drawback: Who wants to speak with the customer service personally pays 99 cents per Minute. Unless you are a VIP member, then you only pay the local rate.

5. Poppen.de Price-To-Performance Ratio

The good news first: you can as a free member at Poppen.de already Dates represent and with the Poppen.de members communicate. So, the Forum and the Chat can be used in the free Version. This is really top and does not pose any risks at the time of registration.

After you have used Poppen.de a couple of days, free of charge, you will notice, if you would like to have more features unlocked, to have the Maximum out from the colorful Sex Community.

Here, two different packages are available to you. The Premium subscription and the VIP subscription.

In both variants you will be released a lot of additional options and it is improved, for example, their visibility within the Community. The individual improvements relate to the areas of news, profiles, search, Chat and Forum, Top 100 and advertising.

The respective Poppen.de the cost for the Premium and VIP memberships, depending on the term. The cost of the relay is as follows:

Poppen.de Premium:
1 month: 9,90 € per month
3 months: 7,49 € per month
6 months: 5,99 € per month
12 months: 4,49 € per month

Poppen.de VIP:
1 month: 16,90 € per month
3 months: 11,99 € per month
6 months: 9,99 € per month
12 months: 7,49 € per month

As the differences between the memberships look, you will see in the following Tables.

Image: membership options Poppen.de

Conclusion to the Poppen.de cost: The price-performance ratio is at Poppen.de really very good. Nowhere is so much erotic for so little money. Even with a free Account Poppen.de can be put to good use, and you can make out try Dates. The transition to a paid membership provides even more options and the price is absolutely OK. The cheap price will compensate for the right high male ratio.

By the way, if you want to see how creative the Poppen.de are members of, you can watch the Video below. It is an erotic story that was written by a poppen.de user.

Video: Seduced by a Mature woman To erotic story of a Poppen.de users in

PS Off-Topic to the Test:
So interesting is by the way History of Poppen.de . Stern.de told about the three brothers who ventured out into the world, to reasons, to erotic communities, such as Poppen.de .

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Poppen.de Summary

In The Test: Poppen.de
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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