The best Sex App for Germany

Die beste Sex App für Deutschland

Simple, safe and reliable. With this Sex App you quickly with private Sex in Germany.

With the right Sex is easy to date in Germany, an actual sex meeting with a Single. In the meantime, so many people in Germany use an App for Sex, the number of arranged sex meetings has risen significantly in recent months. Who uses the right Dating App that is clearly in the advantage. But it has to be an App? - No way, who wants to use his cell phone for Sex Dates, you should rather rely on the mobile-optimized web sites of the major Casual Dating. We will show why, because we have tested all of the notable Apps, and portals for Sex in Germany. In our list below we show the winners from our Research in the Germany.

the members are looking for number 1 Sex App for Sex in Germany women

Our Reviews have proven to a short period of time that the suitable Casual Dating Services and Sex Apps, in Germany really work. Online Dating is in the Trend and so Casual Dating is becoming more and more popular. Most Casual Dating sites, or so-called Sex Apps can be used for this purpose. Here you can find a targeted and hassle-free, women and men with the same Sex needs. Even Dates on the same day are not uncommon.

In each Sex, the App is not, of course, equally good. Not all of the Apps in the online Dating portals offer what they promise. A comparison of the providers is a Must. Only in this way disappointments can be avoided. In this list you can see our favourites for Germany.

For more information, visit the the comparison.

The really best sites and Apps for private Sex in Germany:

Seat 1: Fremdgehen69

for Sex App-Search *)
  • Members across the country: 2.500.000
  • Dating Category: Adventure
  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
  • Dating & Live Cam Dates in the vicinity

10/10 points in the Test

for Fremdgehen69
58 answers 100 Sexanfragen within a short period of time in the vicinity. *)

Seat 2: C-date

for Sex App-Search *)
  • Members country-wide: EUR 3 800 000
  • Dating Category: Adventure
  • Number 1 for erotic meetings
  • In search of Sex preferences is possible

9/10 points in the Test

for C-date
52 responses at 100 Sexanfragen within a short period of time in the vicinity. *)

Seat 3: Lustagenten

for Sex App-Search *)
  • Members across the country: 700.000
  • Dating Category: Adventure
  • Here it goes straight to the point: they All want only one thing!
  • High contact rate and real sex meeting

8/10 points in the Test

for Lustagenten
33 responses to 100 Sexanfragen within a short period of time in the vicinity. *)

Seat 4: JOYclub

for Sex App-Search *)
  • Members across the country: 2.400.000
  • Dating Category: Adventure
  • JOYclub is the Facebook of the erotic
  • Great Forum and many local Events

6/10 points in the Test

for JOYclub
22 responses to 100 Sexanfragen within a short period of time in the vicinity. *)

Seat 5:

for Sex App-Search *)
  • Members across the country: 4.000.000
  • Dating Category: Adventure
  • Largest Sex Community
  • Great Forum and regional Sex chat

6/10 points in the Test

20 responses to 100 Sexanfragen within a short period of time in the vicinity. *)

For everyone looking for a bed story, the following applies: There is no reason not to use Sex App (except to be happy in a relationship. It is easy to go on an erotic adventure!

So in Germany the use of Online Dating for many years, is normal. It is even fashionable to use the Internet to search for a partner. And why? - Because Online Dating makes it so simple to meet like-minded partners!

Christina, 35, from Germany, about C-date

“Never would I have imagined that I was going to use casual Dating. I never had difficulties finding men to. However, I don't go out as much and I don't want to beat indiscriminately the nights around the ears to find a guy I actually can have Sex. The advantage of C-Date is that I can find a stress-free and planned out somebody with whom I date and have fun with me then. ;-) But then it fits just the same and the failures remain.”

A lot of modern, and in fact current Trend, however, Sex Apps, and Casual Dating. So here to Find a partner in the Online shifting world. However, this exercise is purely non-obligatory ends in Sex and not a partnership. The shift in the Online world the search very much the chance is richer because the range is there, uncounted.

Another significant advantage is that All of the people, the Sex Apps, or Casual-use Dating, have the desire to have casual Sex and not looking for a long-term partnership. During a conversation in the Club in Germany, you do not know for a long time, whether and what is the Opposite of addiction.

The advantages at a Glance

  1. It's significantly more people can be contacted, as in the ”offline” life in Germany. Thus, the success of growing the probabilities dramatically.
  2. Users from Germany are already sorted out. None of the a Sex App or a Casual Dating Service, then is disappointed when there is no emotions arise. Basically, it's just about the Sex! And the adventure.
  3. The one who is shy, going on the Internet to contact much easier for a woman or a man and has a much larger space of action, as in a “normal” life.
  4. Who else is difficult, can take advantage of Casual Dating and Sex Apps-as-a-Supplement-to-the-Flirts from the “real” life, and even more Sex.
  5. Certain functions on the Apps for discretion.

What is better for Sex? To App or a Casual Dating site? In our Tests, for Germany, the renowned Casual Dating portal, win!

The difference is only that it is in the classic Casual-Dating coming portal, most of the mobile sites and not the actual Apps. But even this can be completely with the mobile phone used. Advantage: The Sex App needs to be downloaded from the App Store. Disadvantage: None!

Why are Casual Dating portal promising to Sex Apps?

  • Just as good with a cell phone to use as an App.
  • More members in Germany → More success in Germany.
  • Specializing in Sexverabredungen.
  • To desires usually many presets as possible.

Note: of Course, dubious deals are also available here.., A detailed comparison is necessary.

What is the Test?

In our comparison for Casual Dating Services and Sex Apps, in Germany, only offers have been included, which are perfect from a mobile, usable, and where it turns to a private sex meetings. All these offers are covered in the Test for “Sex Apps in Germany”.

Major investigation points are:

  • How often the users reply to messages in the practice?
  • What is the probability (on a date to have Sex) in Germany?
  • What Features are offered? Are there any Fakes?
  • How is the user friendliness in terms of ease of use and the contract?
  • How is the price-to-performance ratio?

Finnegan, 30, from Germany, about Casual Dating

“I usually meet with the man, always in the same cafe. This is a cafe I go always with the Online Dating. But only with those, not with friends or colleagues, of course. Then we order ourselves, depending on the Cocktail or a Cup of tea. And if we like us, and the candidate has not previously lied about in the news, we go mostly to me. To me it is not far, and I have a better feel to it. So I can send the candidate after the way ;-)

What is with the Apps, Tinder, Jaumo, Lovoo, Pure, Bang with Friends (Down) and Grindr?

Of course, we have analyzed in other studies, Tinder & co.. However, neither Tinder, Jaumo, Lovoo, Pure, Bang with Friends (Down) still complies with Grindr or any other App, the criteria for a Sex App for Germany. Why?

  • Tinder: getting to Know The people, not the erotic, is in the foreground. The wishes of the members are extremely different. Consequently, the disappointment is inevitable. Furthermore, no search filters for erotic preferences exist. In addition, can not be guaranteed because of the Facebook-generation of anonymity.
  • Please note: no actual App for Sex or Casual Dating. So, please note selection are not given opportunities.
  • Lovoo: The same: There is no real App for Sex or Casual Dating. The effort is mostly in vain.
  • Down (formerly Bang with Friends): No anonymity through the Facebook link.
  • Grindr: pure App for gay.

What are the criteria that should offer a Sex App or the Casual Dating Portal, mobile website, this also works really with a Sex Date?

Clearly, the application must be without problem on the mobile phone usable. This is a prerequisite. However, what else is significant?

  • The Sex App should work on iOs, on the iPhone and on the iPad.
  • Regardless of the application should work similarly on Android devices, Windows Phone, and Samsung devices.
  • The Sex App should have a search perimeter to the area for like-minded people search.
  • The application should many and the purpose of the standard filter criteria for the search.
  • The Sex App should have features of reliable communication.
  • The Sex App should be without Facebook use. Cue Silence.

There is a good free Sex App for Germany?

To make it short: no. Unfortunately. All free Apps are not specialized in either Sex-Dating (for example, Tinder), or half-silks, or pushy. Anyone who wants to seriously use a Sex App for the future, about sex partner track, should rely on a secure provider, has proven that it works (see comparison above). A free Sex App can, under certain circumstances, short-term pleasure, but will bring absolutely never the Triumph, the one of the major Casual Dating provider can bring. Here, the Wealth of the members is crucial.

User comments about Sex Apps for Germany

For me, the most successful Sexapp to 100% c-date. The number of Members, there is otherwise nowhere to be found in our Region, and I have a lot of fun : -)))) Consequences: advice to all the men out there: Please don't with the door into the house, but friendly cover letter. Then it'll work so.
Fully my experience. Nice and friendly, then the women's answers so. And more... of course...
I've tried this unpretentious, just with the "fuck?"... has also worked ;-)
You were probably already very lucky my Dear. I can't imagine that many women like a stupid pickup Line. At least I don't. Why not honor the man and the woman coaxing something good. For me, the nice men will come anyway, prefer to train. Then in bed it can go like less nice. ;)
Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.