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Conclusion: LOVOO is one of the most popular and the fastest growing Flirt Apps in Germany. In particular, the live radar, which is the flirt showing willing members in the vicinity, was able to impress us. To meet new people spontaneously, you have to convince but is still in the LOVOO Chat!

Advantages and disadvantages of LOVOO:

Positive at LOVOO

  • Strong growth and a large number of members
  • Writing messages is also possible free of charge
  • The use of The live radar is a lot of fun. This is Top!
  • Intuitive-to-use App

Negative at LOVOO

  • Not always easy to talk
  • The Match game (similar to Tinder) is not Mature

Our tip to LOVOO

LOVOO members to click through multiple images. You should, therefore, in any case, über the images selection of thoughts and so to upload multiple images. You can be außerdem at the time of Initial contact something Creative can think of . Standard Sprüche to come in to LOVOO rare.


LOVOO-the key figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 24 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate at LOVOO

Members statistics

40% of women

60% of men
The share of women at LOVOO

Suitability for Flirt

  • Flirt App is Made in Germany
  • Flirt contacts in the immediate vicinity

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members country-wide: 9.000.000
  • Demand trend: 700.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. LOVOO Test: summary

LOVOO is one of the fastest growing Flirt Apps in Germany. In particular, in the younger target groups LOVOO is very popular. The App positions itself not only as a Flirt-App, but as a a Service to new people in the vicinity to get to know. With the LOVOO live radar on your Smartphone can be localized by the push of a button matching contacts in the vicinity. The intentions of the members can be very different: leisure, find friends, open to flirting, or even specifically, to Date, to meet. LOVOO is to give it all away.

In the LOVOO Test, we want to see, however, especially if you can get over this one easily Dates, and how fast you can come here on a Date. There is a news pattern that can work better or worse in LOVOO? With our practice test want to as of the tips and Tricks of the LOVOO App Flirt uncover.

The practical test in the near future: A key question that moves all the App users: how fast can I get a (matching) Date? In the practice test, we had the one or other difficulty with LOVOO, new Flirt contacts. Spells worked at other Dating sites and Apps, no longer have to work at LOVOO suddenly so good. You have to convince with LOVOO, both with the image, as well as with the first spell, in order to score points. Unlike other Apps, it came here, but sometimes a spontaneous meeting with the help of the flirt radar. LOVOO can work, however, you should not give up on "Cancel" or in case of missing answers, and more, better and again more make.
Functions and Profiles in the near future: LOVOO can be used for both mobile as well as online on a Laptop or Desktop Computer at home. You can set the search radius and to persons with the desired characteristics (e.g., age, gender, Motivation) are looking for. With the so-called live radar, you can see who is in the immediate vicinity and just even online. Particularly positive: you can write to the individual members in the free LOVOO Version. The LOVOO messaging system feels much more than a Chat and not as an E-Mail. All LOVOO members have a profile picture. Without image you can't do much here. Most of the members have even an extensive image gallery. The Profiles thus contain a standardized Interview, to which you can reply with a given statement. LOVOO is under the Suspicion own Fake Profiles to operate. The experience dampened significantly. As Alternative, you can have a look at this product .
User-friendliness in the near future: Both the LOVOO App as well as the LOVOO Website are clearly laid out and easy to use. The LOVOO Support is exclusively via the LOVOO contact form accessible. LOVOO seems to meet requests with automated response emails. We have asked a question to the profile picture. The answer of what is automated and included a comprehensive collection of information and further Links on the topic. If you take your time, the various information to look through, you can also find a concrete answer to our question. The System has at least, properly recognize that we asked a question to the image.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: If a Dating App is free of charge, the price-performance ratio is very good. So it is with LOVOO. Even in a free Version, you can represent with LOVOO and Dating flirt. The paid options are to be settled in the middle of the cost scale.

2. LOVOO practice test and LOVOO experience

LOVOO wants to deliberately appeal to all the people who are looking for new contacts in the vicinity. This can be Flirts, no-obligation chat, or casual friends. In our LOVOO practice test, we are focusing Essentially on the possibility to arrange the most romantic Dates.

We decide to test LOVOO over several weeks, to collect truly valid information about the Flirt App. What kind of Dates you can meet here? There are people who just want to flirt and see what is the result? It may even be an erotic adventure, to the the LOVOO members are from. Our LOVOO Test shows what to expect at LOVOO to. According To Wikipedia LOVOO by the way, regularly one of the Top 5 Social networks in the German App store. So here are some things to be possible!

Online at LOVOO login and then go to mobile use

For the Test, we logged first online and the app with our Facebook account. In the further course of the Tests, we have used LOVOO, however, only on the Smartphone. This is very convenient and the Smartphone is always at Hand. In particular, if you have to wait bridge times, you can see with the LOVOO live radar quickly, what interesting people are in the vicinity.

The first pretty women in the vicinity were quickly identified and we have written to 10 in a row. We found it to score points with a standard spell with LOVOO, have us because of this, more so to the members profiles oriented and tries to find individual points of contact.

A couple of news ideas we give you on the way:

Hey [LOVOO user name], well the weekend started?
Chic, chic, Madame
In the case of a woman who was sitting on the stove, what is the first message, e. g.,
Watch out! Not only the stove is hot!
In the case of the spell with the Start of a weekend, a conversation quickly developed:

"Oh, Yes – well With a headache"
We "Celebrated or Wetterfühlig?"
You: "Yes, alcohol is celebrated...never again ;-)"

And so the conversation went on. You came to the favorite bars to talk. Other interests and plan for the weekend. From this conversation out on a Date after 7 days came to be, for example, then. It had to be time coordinated, otherwise the time would have been a little shorter.

But we must also admit honestly, that it had not always worked so well, as in the case we have just described. Many of the first speeches that we have previously on other Dating sites, or for other Flirt Apps used to work at LOVOO. Either the LOVOO women are annoyed, very spoiled, or maybe fairly quickly, because some men act here is so pretty blatantly employ and directly.

Dates are the live radar, so Spontaneously possible?

The live radar shows you contacts that are in their immediate vicinity. You can even go as high as 150 meters down, and according to people in this Radius around you to search.

The LOVOO live radar is perfect for that predestined to meet new people spontaneously. We wanted to test, and have it created in a number of Chats to organize a spontaneous Date in the vicinity.

Our Knowledge: If it is on a weekend, especially a rainy Sunday, you can use the LOVOO's live radar for spontaneous Dates. But it is important that you come right to the point and the one or the other lady a spontaneous Meeting suggest. All very non-binding "on a special" around the corner. They also come with a direct Location-the proposal. In case of doubt, the proposed Location will not be accepted, but then you are already in the conversation!

Image: LOVOO live radar contacts in the vicinity

The LOVOO success rate

Our LOVOO success rate is OK, but not outstanding. We found it here, easy to come into the conversation. Below you can see a couple of messages in combination with the number of replies and the resulting Dates. Our LOVOO test phase lasted a total of 6 months.

Image: contact test at LOVOO

If you need a few tips on how you should properly on LOVOO flirt, we recommend the following Video. The tips are presented from the point of view of a woman. We find it can be very helpful in this perspective and view the Video:

Video: DO's and Don'ts when you Mobile Dating with LOVOO

Conclusion to LOVOO practice test: LOVOO has a large membership base and it is easy to find interesting women in the vicinity, the fallen one, too. At LOVOO Flirt, you can definitely think of something and your profile interesting substance. In the case of "Cancel" you should not give up, because the LOVOO database is full of people who actually have the desire to try new people.

3. LOVOO functions and LOVOO Profile

The LOVOO App LOVOO site offer similar features. Only the live radar is solely in the mobile Version of LOVOO available.

As with many Dating sites and Flirt Apps so you can search for LOVOO matching Singles according to predetermined criteria, such as age and gender. Since LOVOO primarily a mobile App, we add in the location-based function. The own location is automatically detected and after the search radius defined, are displayed in a matching LOVOO members in the vicinity.

With the live radar of the people in the immediate environment

At the heart of the LOVOO App is the live radar. Depending on your current location, you can define, in which "Micro Radius" appropriate members to be displayed. The Radius starts at 150 meters and can be extended up to 4 kilometres. Within the radar, you see how many matching contacts are located within this Radius. You can then view the respective contacts closer and decide whether you want to send a message or not.

The LOVOO Match game is similar to Tinder

Similar to Tinder, you can play with LOVOO, the so-called "Match game". A click on a heart means "Like", clicking on the X in the indicated lack of interest.

Unlike Tinder, you can cover letter with LOVOO, even without the Conformity of the desired Person. In the case of a Match, the probability of a positive response, however, is much higher.

The Match game is on us, however, something immature. Again and again were displayed in the Test, namely, the same people who have already received a "Like". In addition, you can also get people to the lake, have previously communicated, e. g., in a personal Chat, no interest. This is irritating and makes the game kind of pointless. To see pictures and to discover interesting people, but quite interesting.

Tip: If you are using LOVOO for free and you can see in the App, there are contacts that you like (it will be hidden first!), you should play the Match game to find the hidden contact to uncover. It usually works very well.

Image: The Match game at LOVOO

LOVOO messaging System = LOVOO Chat

No matter whether on the LOVOO Website or in the LOVOO APP, the messaging system is the same. You can even cover letters for free to new members, if you have uploaded a photo and also your E-Mail address have been confirmed. With each message you send, you receive a read receipt. So you can see if the prescribed Person had read your note or not. In addition to the Standard Chat function, you can send messages as "Top Chat". In particular, in the case of popular members of this is useful, because then your message will be placed in the first place in the mailbox. To be able To Top the Chat, you need to be either Premium customer or you buy the function with each of the Credits.

LOVOO Profiles include many pictures and standardised Interviews

If you are too shy to with LOVOO, upload a picture, you will not get it here. Without image you can also write to no LOVOO members. In addition, we have not made the experience that, even with only a single image the very best chances of getting a Date. The LOVOO members are on the pictures and click through a picture gallery, to get a better impression of the Person.

The rest of The profile information are not very interesting. Here LOVOO users to give predetermined answers to questions in a standardised interview.

You will be asked for example, "How you spend your leisure time". Response options the following options are available:

  • With a lot of variety
  • Games gamble
  • Go shopping
  • On the Couch lounging
  • On parties, celebrations and dancing
  • In the gym for a workout
  • Meet friends

Further questions are: Where to meet you on a Saturday night?, What do you find erotic? How do you imagine the first Date?

The questions make sense. If you look at, however, many Profiles, the people always felt the Same inside . Much more interesting and informative then most of the short profile statements. Some people have some good ideas what I can a little imagine how the Person ticks. Often, a profile statement provides the perfect hanger for the first address.

There are Fake Profiles on LOVOO?

As on any free Dating site can also be found on LOVOO, more and more Fake Profiles. The user growth is very exemplary. In addition to Tinder is currently the fastest growing Flirt LOVOO probably App here. The freeloaders to own make. In the case of the Fakes, there are also freeloaders who try to make the success of LOVOO Use to. Usually there are other service providers who like to make their own offers. In the case of a Fake case, you will be contacted usually by a Busty, pretty woman. The lady makes them pretty eyes and tries to lure you to a different page to chat on there with her more. Stay away from search requests! If something seems too good to be true, you can assume that it is a Fake request. Unfortunately!

Unfortunately, LOVOO does not seem to play quite fair. Increasingly, reports in the media that on LOVOO Fake Profiles could also be from the operator itself has been used in order to increase the attractiveness of the Dating App (cf. article by Mirror Online and c't from September 2015). So, users are increasingly reporting abnormalities. That would of course be quite wrong. The risk to LOVOO-own-Fake-bump Profiles, we assess with a thick minus point.

Conclusion to the LOVOO functions and the LOVOO profile The LOVOO App is certainly one of the best Apps on the market currently. Even if the Match function is not like that here, too, can convince the live radar on the full of line. The view of the LOVOO Profile fun to use, since the user usually upload a lot of pictures, so that you can quickly get a good impression of the Person. However, LOVOO is under the suspicion of Fake Profiles to use. Caution!

4. User-friendliness

If you look at the LOVOO App or the LOVOO Website under the aspect of user-friendliness, the service, in any case, far Above. Surf, View, Click and Flirt within the App is definitely fun.

What is so as user-friendly is the fact that you can cover letter even without a Premium-membership to other members. A little confusing, however, the numerous possibilities for a Premium Upgrade. To understand, what is the Status of you purchases a VIP membership and what does the acquisition of Credits, you need to set yourself apart a little.

LOVOO cancellation 24 hours prior to the expiration of the subscription possible

If you have opt for a LOVOO Premium membership, you may terminate this membership for 24 hours before the actual end of the term. In Principle, you need no special period of notice to be observed. That's not fair!

The notice requires you to make your respective payment provider. Depending on what device your subscription have booked, or through which a payment service provider, the booking is handled, there are different procedures for termination.

In principle, you have to take care, if you have paid via the iTunes AppStore, Google Play Store, or via Pay Pal.

Attention: There are not different logics in the automatic renewal of your subscription, if you cancel this. In the case of a booking via the Google Play Store, the 3 - and 6 runs-month membership automatically. The 1 - and 12-Month membership will be extended automatically. This is a little confusing. Therefore, you should carefully at the details in your booking, so that you periods possible notice not to be missed.

LOVOO customer service only via E-Mail / contact form accessible

LOVOO, offers a vast catalogue with the FAQs in the help Area. Many of the questions you can absorb here already. If you want to contact the customer service in a contact, you can do that only in writing by E-Mail or via the contact form. In the case of a question to the image, we get a quick response. The answer was not to be very standardized and not systematically to our question. The answer, however, what is included in a larger bundle of the Information. In the case of the second question (different topic), it has taken a with the answer a little.

Conclusion to LOVOO user-friendliness: Basically, customer-friendliness with LOVOO, large. The many Premium options and the different logics in the automatic renewal of the subscription (depending on the payment service provider), confuse a little. The customer service is only accessible via contact form. Responses usually come within an acceptable period of time.

5. LOVOO price-performance ratio

The LOVOO App and the LOVO Website are, in principle, immediately and free of charge. After you have created your profile and a picture uploaded, you can start Sending messages.

Nevertheless, there are LOVOO, a whole series of Premium features that will help you to use LOVOO, even better. We have used the Premium version, would not it be described but as a "Must Have". Or in other words: We recommend you to first of all, with the free LOVOO Version to get started . In the course of use, you will find yourself, whether you are annoyed by the basic Version, and whether you would hope to find on one or the other Premium feature better odds.

With the LOVOO VIP membership, there are different durations with different total cost. The longer you complete the membership, the cheaper the monthly price will be. This is absolutely usual in the market.

  • 1 month VIP: 7,99 €
  • 3 months of VIP: 19,99 € (6,66 € / month)
  • 6 months VIP: 29,99 € (4,99 € / month)
  • 12 months VIP: 45 € (3,75 € / month)

The VIP membership opens up some new options in the use of LOVOO. For example, you can see who has viewed your profile and, therefore, potentially interested. You can be "invisible" so that other people can't see if they have viewed your profile. We believe this is a Gimmick and not necessary. Furthermore, you essentially increase your own visibility within the LOVOO Community. For us, the biggest advantages of having a VIP membership. To a their popularity in Match game and in the Chat increases-proposals. On the other, you can lift your profile photo with a Golden frame.

In addition to the VIP membership, you can purchase in addition, LOVOO Credits or through certain activities earn.

With the Credits you can reveal individual Profiles of the users that have visited your own profile. Furthermore, you can make yourself the "eye-catcher". This means that your profile photo above is exhibited prominently in the women's within your search radius. Virtual kisses can be purchased with the Credits or the use of the Top Chat function. At the Top of the Chat function, your messages land up in the mailbox of your potential flirt partners.

The LOVOO Credits are purchased in packages, which are available in the following size classes:

  • 300 Credits: 2,99 €
  • 550 Credits: 4,99 €
  • 2.500 Credits: 14,99 €
  • 8.000 Credits: 29,99 €
The Credits don't need to buy but not necessarily. As mentioned earlier, due to certain actions you earn Credits automatically. If you log in at least once a day, you get every day 5 free Credits.

The Further you get within the LOVOO App suggestions to Download other Apps (for example, delivery hero). If you respond to such proposals, to earn you Credits. The free Download of delivery hero, for example, brings 48 Credits. The Download of Clash of Kings – Last Empire brings you 69 Credits.

Image, So that you can earn Credits LOVOO

Conclusion to the LOVOO cost: In view of the fact that LOVOO can be used free of charge, to we evaluate the price-performance ratio as well above average. LOVOO has so many members, you have to give, but in any case, the effort to come here on a Date or to initiate a Flirt. The paid services are not expensive, everyone must ask themselves, whether him/her the additional services a bit. For us, so a profile for free would have been enough.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

LOVOO summary

In The Test: LOVOO
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Five / Th

User Ratings Overall


Quick reviews of the users

Rate "As on any free Dating site can also be found on LOVOO, more and more Fake Profiles. So there are no misunderstandings: it is not by LOVOO self-created Fakes. Something we haven't noticed the LOVOO Test. LOVOO has needed something (i. e., the creation of Fake profiles) to the current point in time in any way." Well, what Lovoo has paid you for a fake test report. And that above statement is not true, you should now have (around since the middle of September). Your article has been updated, allegedly last updated on: 21.10.2015, of course!

The rating is for the Popo. Lovoo there is no need to create Fake Profiles?! People researched here so, before you write something? Or is this to make short senseless Kontent arise about clicks money? For weeks, media reports about Lovoo is under suspicion, to create Fake Profiles. This is described by many users is also similar. Google and the Google Playstore to help.

Hello "I" and thank you for Your comment. We take the note very seriously and have adapted our test report and the Rating immediately to the effect. Thank you for the word message and the note!

Hello "Alf" so thank You for Your comment. So Your note is very important to us and we have adapted to our test report and the Rating immediately. So to You thanks for the word message and the note!

Agree with the Test in any way. If you look at just a little bit on the Internet, so the response rate for men more at 0 out of a hundred, and the cover Letter were by no means all "Well, fuck?". With a Fake-Model-image, it creates it actually a 5-to-1 responses. Even women which has a Matching what can be an answer down the operator-Fake-suspicion enormously hardens. 9 Million Members? Certainly not, would the operator like. Why not 90 million? What is ultra annoying, the regular "Notifications" or, how to get call of Lovoo, if you have not started a day of the App. "x, y, z are in your area and would like to chat". Are neither close to me nor the want to write. "New members, coming from [your location]" click on it nobody is here but. "New Match-Votes" How meaningless the match votes I have made, I already is. "you Get the majority of the Match Votes in your city? Find out?" What the fuck is this shit? Who how many fake Match Votes you want to get? A profile to fill out, there is not only standard questions and standard answers what is it is virtually completely uninteresting Profiles will ever be considered. Ultimately, the operator is thus nothing more than a picture look program with built-in rangefinder.

Hello "observer"! Thank you for your evaluation. Increasingly, we hear also from other users that you are with the performance of Lovoo dissatisfied. In particular, the suspicion of Fake profiles often shared wants. We observe the development of critical and keep Lovoo still in the eye. Thanks again for your comment!

The "observer" has made its name all the honor. I wonder a bit whether the women is or if there even women? You are just tired because the times of fake profiles, cover letters, then? A woman's statement would be interesting.

I agree with the comments only. 've Lovoo tried now for a couple of days and to some of the Match Votes, of striking good-looking women, not a single message get. Despite fervent email to me with nice and "individual" messages on my part (and I would not be me or my profile to describe as boring, inappropriate, unattractive, or otherwise questionable). I think there are actually some Fake Profiles, as well as very many women who are not interested in getting to Know, but rather your Ego would like to satisfy with a lot of Likes, Matches and incoming messages. I'll try it out possibly for a while, but promise me little to nothing about it.

Fake profiles are a basic prerequisite for the success of the business of the partnership pages in the competitive market. Therefore, the make, in my experience, almost all of the Dating sites so. The fake profile ratio is Lovoo, Tinder, and most of the other partnership pages is extremely high. The response rate is also at an attractive athletic young men hardly exist. The business principle is always the same, the men should be encouraged through attractive women's profiles at the conclusion of the paid-for premium services. If you are in doubt, can you create a test profile with one of the unknown men model and convincing Bio (around 190 cm, 29 years old, good Job, etc.). Even then, the response rate of attractive women is going to be surprisingly low, because most of the Profiles are only corpses tab! Those answers look rather average, as you know it from normal life. The Victoria's Secret group, but it is only rarely including! At least, Tinder offers reasonable free use options in contrast to most of the other pages! Lovoo or friend scout, as well as all of the expensive partnership pages you can totally forget there is an attempt to fake e-mails to move to the conclusion of an extremely expensive premium membership, this then enabled then hardly any answers! Basically, you can say that the demand of young attractive women on the official partnership market in Germany is only a little present. This get to know your Partner mainly in the circle of friends, because you don't have to actively do in order to be addressed. Therefore, most of the partnership sites are (despite the positive reviews and the alleged test certificates) for men only is a waste of time and money! For women, the whole thing looks of course completely different. The can choose, as in the toy store from the incredible variety of letters.

There is women ;) but I have to say, so for women (at least the not perfect like me ) it is seemingly impossible to reply to, even in the case of a Match ;)

I watch and use over the years lovoo, meanwhile, the Shop has developed to a debris bude, incredible! It will disappear from time to time, more and more functions, I was already on the verge of the report of the Team of aktenzeichen XY to.. ;) And for me, is always more exciting I think, for me, Fake Profiles can expose. 1-3 pictures, a maximum of 1 day online, the welcome text is always very similar, such as with a text generator written. To 99% the specification of the size of the body. And from my location there are two points where a fake's popping up. The places Waltersdorf and Ahrensfelde, as soon as I get my site there yourself shift, and in the radius search to get the interesting results. Usually up to a maximum of ten. To look I get all the matches for me, NONE appears to them, right? Only yesterday in the ongoing operation is one of the few last good functions disappeared, but perhaps also a consequence of all the dodgy Offered to other platforms, with nasty photos as a hanger. Conclusion: cost will remain the same high (and trending upwards for less performance), the functions are less, fake's to!

Hello Micha, great comment! Thank you for that. It is a pity to read that the services at Lovoo seem to be getting worse and worse. Very interesting is to know how you in the identification of Fake profiles approach. This can be for many users very helpful. If it is necessary. these tips are even other Dating offers transferable. If you have any more tips, always out with it! We would like all our readers to encourage their own experiences, as well as tips & tell Tricks, so that other readers can benefit from it.

Very good tips -thank you!!!

Interesting Observations. I also see disappearing in my short time there, a lot of functions. Images-Like. Search for the name. A botched search, the not* shows a majority of *;. Recently, you should pay to (Fake?)To may profiles first to see. The otherwise blurred picture, of course, have only the exclusive men, of course. The Fake pond is breathtaking. The Open is for other pages by profiles Spam-Bots. During the Match, the first suggestions are always Fakes. Current Trend: less directly in the profile to advertise for matching, and then via Chat Spam send. So for the North, there are currently search places: Raa-Besenbek, or Stade. Fakes always 26 to 28 years old. Despite clear instructions and messages, and something is done hardly.

the last Mist - 0% a answers, only 3 messages per day for free, after a few days suddenly there is only (!) Message every 24 hours... And the price for "VIP" is now 11.99 per month. Absolute junk, no Thanks! The picture can look you look at me something better.

Thank you, Lovoo, from my whole heart...I found here my second half,Thanks milionmall....and I wish much love and happiness for other people.Thank you


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