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Conclusion: Badoo is the world's largest social network for meeting new people in the vicinity. There are very many users in Germany, but, unfortunately, one encounters here on Fakes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Badoo:

A positive effect on Badoo

  • Many active members
  • So free-of-charge can be written to and flirting
  • To recommend for international Flirts on vacation

Negative Badoo

  • Not always the Nivea most contacts
  • To counter unfortunately, there are always Fakes

Our tip to Badoo

In any case, you should respond to Flirt messages from women, they try to lure to a different page, to flirt further. The are usually Fakes! Watch out! Test Badoo zunächst for free and then köyou can still decide whether you need a paid version!

Badoo-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 21 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate at Badoo

Members statistics

40% of women

60% of men
A quota for women on Badoo

Suitability for Flirt

  • The world's largest social network for Flirting
  • A very good mobile App

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 2,800,000 in
  • Demand trend: 850.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
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Test read

1. Badoo Test: Summary

Badoo is one of the pioneers in the field of mobile flirting Apps. Since 2006 can you mobile Badoo online as well as to get to Know new people in the area . Badoo is often referred to as the inverted Facebook. While one is friends on Facebook with already known people, let Badoo be the Social network for new friendships.

Our Badoo Test we wanted to see how well the largest Social network to Make new contacts to work. World's largest Community must not mean at the same time, you can also have in Germany a success. We have therefore subjected Badoo is a comprehensive practice test over several months. In the overall results we describe, therefore, the most interesting functions, as well as the user-friendliness of Badoo and draw a conclusion for the price-performance ratio of the Flirt App.

The practical test in the near future: Can you come over Badoo (quickly) to a Date? That was the Central question that we put to the practical test in the center. In the case of good Dating sites at the end of not only the digital flirtation, but also to a real Meeting! And flirt on Badoo, you realize quickly that here people of all Stripes are on the go. Both academics, as well as people to write the "fiken" instead of "fuck". One way or the other, with clumsy spells, you also Badoo on the train. With a neat profile, you can make up to Badoo in any case, Dates in the vicinity . Something annoying the are now numerous Fake Profle. It is, however, expose a Lightweight Fakes immediately. The Scam is always the same pattern.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: As for the functionalities, we like Badoo very well. The Website and the App do not differ greatly. In the case of the Badoo App, you have the advantage of location-based services. With the GPS based area search, you immediately see what interesting people are in the vicinity. NEW: So, in retrospect, you can see who is running in the city, and the "missed opportunity" to address. The user profiles typically have multiple profile pictures and have the indication of numerous interests. The Badoo is very easy. Again and Again one meets here are, unfortunately, Fakes. You can, however, with the phone number and the Facebook Account as a real user to verify. In the speech from verified members it is usually on the safe side.
User-friendliness in the near future: Both the platform and the App are very user-friendly. The operation is intuitive and easy. The customer service can be reached only by contact form. The termination of Badoo's Premium features can also be conveniently made online in a logged in state.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: Badoo can also be used as a free App to good use. Who wants to be equipped with special super powers, to flirt, Badoo is successful, you can purchase the Badoo "Super Powers" subscription. The prices for this start at around 4 € per month. The cost comparison with other Dating sites and Apps shows that it is more likely to settle in the lower price segment.

2. Badoo practice test and Badoo experience

Badoo is a social network which helps you meet new people. The reasons for getting to Know new people can be diverse. So you sign in to Badoo whether you're looking for new friends, conversations or appointments. Our Badoo Test the views of Verabredugen (Dates), played the Central role. We wanted to get to know many attractive women in the vicinity.

The Badoo Test ran for over 6 months. In this time we had plenty of time to test the App and the Website on the heart and kidneys. The aim was to find out how fast you are coming here really on a Date.

We have logged in with a male profile on Badoo. For registration, we have preferred the first to the Laptop and so the profile was created in full bloom on the Laptop. Following this, we took advantage of but most of the time the Badoo App to flirt, and the Dating identify. The Smartphone is always at hand.

On the environment, exciting women in the vicinity looking for

To find the Flirting started, and the interesting women in the vicinity of the Badoo environment has the same search angel. The surrounding area is a Stream with images of women who are in the search radius (I. e. in close proximity) search. Next to each picture you can see also, whether the woman is online or not. You can also see from the blue "verification-Icons", whether the Person can be the volunteer of the authenticity test has to undergo. We have primarily written to women, with the blue Icon, to want to make sure we not waste time with Fakes to waste.

As the only address we have, for example, uses the following phrases.

Hey [Badoo user name], well the weekend started?
Note If just not a weekend, we can say, of course, from the beginning of the week or the evening, or, or, creative! :-)

Chic, chic, Madame
Often we have personalized but also the address, if the profile of the woman was able to provide sufficient evidence of a personalised approach.

Of the first 10 signed, women have responded to three. A wife, however, what is Fake. Say, in the course of the conversation it turned out that it is a Professional. With the other two ladies, a conversation developed. A Date has not occurred, however, with the Two so. It just didn't fit somehow. From the feeling, we would say, however, that the women were quite for a Meeting ready, if it would have fit on two pages.

The first Meeting after 16 days

In the coming days, we used Badoo continues to be intense and went with the full hit of the game on a journey of discovery. The hit game is similar in concept to Tinder. You can look at images and signals with a Click, whether a Person likes it or not. If there is a Match, you have to get in contact with the possibility of the Person. We have made in the course of the Badoo Tests more frequently. Our impression was that it came after a Match is definitely easier to get into a conversation, as easy on the environment-acting women search interesting indiscriminately to address.

The first Meeting came about such a Match. "With schick, schick, the Madame," we came up in the conversation, which was very entertaining more.

Spontaneous Dating to work is so rare in Badoo

Especially in the case of mobile Apps, the question often arises whether it is here in the situation a spontaneous Date with an exciting Person is just in the vicinity, to identify. We succeeded only Once. If you can here still speak of the "spontaneous". There is a Date on the same day was about 3 hours later after the first contact. The other Dates came about usually only in the coming days.

Rarely, people have really "spontaneous" time and are ready to a strange people, so our conclusion. The area search is an interesting function, but came to a spontaneous meeting, it is hardly.

The Badoo's Success Rate

Below, you can see how the different initial talks on Badoo in our review have works. Over several months, we have used these statements repeatedly and now we want to show you what the "success rate", we were able to achieve.

Image: evaluation of contact tests on Badoo

Conclusion to badoo practice test: To many Fakes, can Badoo make really fun. The App works flawlessly and provided a lot of fun during the practical test. The diversity of the logged-on people is great. Not always it fits perfectly. But the question is always what you're looking for. For the loose, non-binding Flirt, Badoo is well suited. Beware of Fakes. The frequency of the Fakes is bit annoying here.

3. Badoo features and Badoo Profile

Who is logged in to Badoo as a user, can immediately get started with the Writing of messages. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman: the Sending of messages is completely free. This fact is a particularly positive feature of Badoo.

Filter instead of Search

A classic search, there is not on Badoo. Within the App or on the Badoo page, you can enable the selected Filter, so that only the appropriately filtered again, Badoo members are displayed. In the Filter you define what you're looking for: for example, appointments, friendships or conversations. You can also define the gender and the age. On the basis of their site for your purpose, the "right" members will be displayed.

Image: setting the search filter at Badoo

Search of the area and missed opportunities take

The environment supplied is the search with the filters stored data. You have indicated that you are looking for women between the ages of 20-30 years, you will only see search women. Add to that, of course, the location-based restriction, which is why the search is so a search of the Area. The further one scrolls down, the greater the distance to the shown Badoo members.

Furthermore, you will be shown members that you ran away in real life recently on the way. This is a very interesting and new Feature. Here you can see pretty much who is running when and where on the way. A prerequisite is, of course, that the uses To so Badoo and location-based services in the Background has been activated.

So, the entry into the conversation is over at "On the way" very easily. Usually, you can take in relation to the common meeting point and the "missed opportunity" to address. Often also the Conversation about the "together" visited the site.

Image: Via n-way Feature ran on Badoo

The Hit Game

The hit game has a certain Similarity with Tinder.

The main difference with Tinder is that you need to wipe Badoo in the reverse direction, and click. To show someone that you like him/her, don't swipe right, but click to the left. If there is a Match, you can write to the Person concerned via the Badoo's messaging system. Under the menu item "Who you like", you can view all the contacts you have with the time "gelliked".

When looking at the pre-Profiles, showed you get at Badoo more information about the user as in the case of Tinder. In addition, you also see if you ran recently about the way. The hit game has been in our Test very often as a helpful Tool to enter into the conversation and meeting new women. If you look through the many Badoo Profiles by clicking, you will notice that it's really fun. You will discover definitely a lot of pretty women and men.

Image: According to the hit game on Badoo

Profiles Badoo members

The Profiles of the members on Badoo are usually equipped with multiple images. You should do so. According to experience, you also increase your chances of. If you have linked your profile with a Facebook-account, you will see also, when Viewing a Badoo profile, whether you have common Facebook friends. Furthermore, it is shown in the profiles always clear what the respective Person (e. g., conversations or appointments), relationship status, language capabilities, as well as quite a lot of information to the interests. It is easy to new, predefined interests to your own profile, add, what many of Badoo's members do. This is very good because it's easier to get often the Initial contact.

Paid Badoo Features

In addition to the usual features of a Dating App (e.g., messages, chat), and the earlier presented functions, write it in Badoo some Premium features that are only with "Badoo Super Powers" available.

As a member, which is equipped with Super Powers, you can see, for example, who had added you to his/her own favorites, and you can also chat prioritizes very popular Badoo users. Note: In the case of particularly popular to users, you typically receive a short message, this Person can only be used by members with Super-Powers contacted. In addition, you also get the opportunity for newly registered users first to contact. New members are acquainted with usually very motivated new people.

There are Fake Profiles on Badoo?

Badoo has a lot of real users. It is known to be one of the biggest Dating Apps around the world. Successful Dating Apps like Badoo to pull, however, so many Fakes. Although Badoo even want to fight Fakes, but the mass of the logged-in user is not an easy undertaking.

When we speak of Fakes, so it is here mostly to professional ladies who like to make their own Web Cam or Sex services carefully. Since you can write here in Badoo free, Badoo Board for search drivers is a cost-effective, communication channel. Just a fancy profile and away you go. you can detect Fakes is usually to chat with your conversation partner after the first Small Talk proposes fairly quickly on an other page to write because it is supposedly easier and the lady have already deposited more pictures. If it is still a very pretty woman, they'll know that you have to do it with a Fake profiles.

We have to write pretty quickly limited to only members of the self with a Facebook account and a phone number to verify that you are real. But even with such profiles, we have been surprised sometimes by Fakes. Nevertheless, the Fake-rate which is significantly lower!

Conclusion to the Badoo functions and the Badoo profile: The Badoo App like us very well. As for the functionalities, is Badoo little to be desired. The App is constantly being developed and new Features. It would not give the Fakes at Badoo, we could forgive even a "very good" for the functionalities. The Fakes nervous but something. Fortunately, they are easy to see through!

4. User-friendliness

The user-friendliness of a Dating App can be viewed under many aspects, and rating. First of all, we want to devote ourselves to the App or the Website.

The registration process is simple and quickly done. Enter some personal details, upload one or more photos and you're done. Who would like to make it even faster, on the left of the Badoo account and his personal Facebook account.

Image: photos can be imported from other social networks

The App is self-explanatory, so that you find yourself actually within a matter of seconds and knows how Badoo works. A bit annoying, however, the Date when hit the game-suggestions from the Facebook circle of friends, although the people are not signed in to Badoo. This happens of course only if you have linked to Badoo with your Facebook account. With this "Trick" to Facebook invite you to encourage your friends from Facebook to Badoo. The fast Click in the hit game you get from time to time, mild panic attacks, when you click on the verge of his colleague, or the friend of a friend.

Badoo customer support responds quickly, but it is probably automated

The quick reaction of the Badoo customer service surprised us very much. There is only the possibility of a Badoo contact form to contact the customer service in the contact, but the answer came within a few minutes. If you look at the answer, it seems to be a pre-made message, But it fits perfectly to our request. We asked for the right image format and maximum size, because we had problem during the Upload.

The answer, as follows:

Many thanks for your Email. You can upload photos from your Computer, with the Webcam recording, or a social network import. You can add photos in the file format JPG, PNG, AVI and MPEG, the maximum size per photo is 16MB, and you must be at least 300 x 300 pixels in size.

Add in the area of 'pictures of You', please, only photos of yourself where your face is good and from the Nearby recognizable. If you want to upload Gruppenfots or photos where you are not seen to, so you can load these images in the Album, 'You and Your friends' high. It is possible, a picture album as 'private' to be classified. This means that other Badoo users must first ask permission before you can view your images.

We hope that you find this information helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us again, should you have any further questions or difficulties.

The Badoo notice of termination is flexible and customer-friendly

If you decide to use the Badoo Super Powers, so for the Premium Version, you can cancel the subscription is relatively easy in a logged in state. You can do this easily in the settings area to "payment settings" and disable the automatic renewal for your subscription.

If you link your Badoo account with your PayPal account, the payment and termination properly. One point you should note, however, that once you have linked PayPal with Badoo and the booking have authorized permission, you will not be asked by Badoo two Times, if you want to book the desired subscription. Just one click and you're Super Powers customer. The respective amount will be debited immediately. So be careful where you click go ;-)

A period of notice for the Badoo subscription does not exist and is, therefore, communicated to the middle of nowhere. As a precaution, you should but your subscription min. 24-hours before the end cancel, if you want to cancel it. Then the timely cancellation definitely works!

Conclusion to Badoo user-friendliness: With regard to user-friendliness, there's not a Badoo is a lot to criticize. You should not only pay attention when the Super Powers that you Cove the Abo careless. That happens here at Badoo more quickly than you think. It's all in the green area, but don't worry.

5. Badoo Price-To-Performance Ratio

If you consider that Badoo members belongs to the biggest Dating Apps around the world and even in the basic version is free of charge, then you would have to the price-to-performance ratio as "excellent" call....if only the Fakes would not be. This is not dramatic, it also reduces the user experience a little.

In addition to the free Version, there are on Badoo so, the possibility of so-called Super Powers to acquire. With the Badoo Super Powers you get are a few Extra functions to help you flirt better and to be more visible within the Badoo platform.

The height of The Badoo costs for the Super-Powers very much depends on the length of the subscription. Each of the options and the associated costs, we have listed below:

  • 1 week: 2,49 € / week
  • 1 month: : 8,49 € / month
  • 3 months : 6,66 € / month
  • 6 months: 5 € / month
  • 12 months: 4,11 € / month

You should use the Super Powers forget to cancel, at the latest, shortly before the expiration of the term of the contract, want to renew the subscription to the previously agreed time automatically.

For the payment, many options are available to you. Bank transfer, credit card from immediately, via PayPal, SMS payment, PayPal, to pay with Bitcoins.

In addition to the Badoo Super Powers, you can also purchase so-called Badoo points to be able to individual Extra features to unlock. With the points, you can make your profile more frequently in the search results of relevant persons to appear (Charts, storms, cost = 100 points), you can more often in the hit-game show (cost = 100 points) and you can place your own profiles prominently in the top bar of the App or the page in the relevant target group (stepping Into the spotlight, cost = 100 points).

We found these features very interesting and quite helpful. You can try the self-uncomplicated, to be able to judge for yourself.

The Badoo points you can always buy in larger quantities. The costs are staggered as follows:

  • 100 points: 3,50 €
  • 550 points: 15,75 € (100 points free)
  • 1,250 points: 24,49 € (550 points for free)
  • 2.750 points: 52,49 € (1,250 points for free)
Conclusion to the Badoo costs: In view of the fact that Badoo can be used completely free of charge, we evaluate the price-performance ratio good. The App is super. The product is true. Only the many Fakes making the user experience to niece something. The paid functions are rather cheap and can be tried in small "units". In this respect, in a fair and key value.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Badoo's Summary

In The Test: Badoo
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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