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Conclusion: Lablue is a free German Single Community that has now proven itself for over 10 years on the market, and at least 500,000 members to speak of. The very active and loyal Community is in section 30, and is not just Singles on Dating. All the important functions, such as the view of foreign Profiles, or to Send and Receive personal Chats and messages are without payment to use. According to simple is the platform of Lablue is designed. Anyone who registers here, makes nothing wrong, but must also expect not to much.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lablue:

Positive for Lablue

  • Absolutely free of charge
  • Messages and Chat for free
  • Active Community
  • Not only for the life partner suitable
  • Super for Singles over 30

Negative in the case of Lablue

  • Stale Design
  • Deprecated Functionality
  • Many Fakes

Our tip to Lablue

Activity’t the Schlü in Lablue key to success. You have to spend money, but to invest time – in a great profile photo, to original profile text, and natürlich nice, well-formulated messages to other members.

Lablue-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 22 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate Lablue

Members statistics

40% of women

60% of men
The quota of women in Lablue

Suitability for Flirt

  • Free German Single-Community
  • Over 500,000 Members

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 500.000
  • Demand trend: 750.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. Lablue Test: Summary

In our Lablue Test, we have positive as well as negative experiences . On the one hand, there is a really active Community. Many Users are already using it for years. If you have a couple of contacts that opens up quickly to entire virtual circle of friends.

On the other hand, the free registration is also an invitation to Fakes, as well as Intrusive to the User, which can quickly become annoying. There is no consensus, is what type of search the page so plump partner search for members that only want Sex.

The practical test in the near future: With a chic Design or great features Lablue can not, but with a fairly active Community, with many members of the page to keep Loyal for a long time.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The quality of the Profiles varies greatly – in part due to Fakes. Unfortunately, the can free Dating sites like Lablue, can hardly be avoided, but the level of nerves, lots of messages as well as flashing banner ads.
User-friendliness in the near future: Due to the limited scope of the operation of the page is fairly straightforward. The really Important Profiles, messages, and Chats – with just a few clicks away. If you have problem, you but a message to the customer service.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: As Lablue-member you get what you pay for – not much. What you do then it is a matter for each. With a little effort you can learn here to know nice people, but no one is entitled to expect that the platform actively helps in the mediation.

2. Lablue practice test and Lablue experience

Lablue was founded in 2002, so earlier than many of the Dating agencies, which today belong to the industry giants. During the competition, but works constantly on improvements and Updates that has made it Lablue in the free niche comfortably. After a Redesign of the home page, at least now visually attractive, but as soon as you click the Register Button, you will be treated to a 10 years back.

The most important functions, so view Profiles, write messages, and chat, are easy to find and operate properly. For Users who are accustomed to modern Dating sites have a completely different function, diversity and a fancier Design, you need to get used to but it first.

In Lablue practice test shows what we already know from other free Dating sites: Who saves the money, you must invest instead of the time. Accordingly, the majority of the members count, more likely, a non-career people, a lot of employees and this world paid, because the life partner prefer to cost money.

Conclusion the La Blue practice test: In terms of Design, functionality and quality of profiles may not be for Lablue too demanding. But anyone who has the desire to learn normal, nice Singles get to know and takes the time to establish active contacts, could find happiness.

3. Lablue functions and Lablue Profiles

Here you can completely free with other Singles in touch , Write messages, and chat.

Search for you can by default, by gender and age, and in the vicinity, but in the advanced search, so according to many other criteria (e. g., appearance, education, marital status, etc.), However, you can only manually make a selection – there are at Lablue no Matching, and no personality test, how to get it from other portals knows, the “partners for life” promise.

Image: search

As is always the case cost free portal the Fake-ratio, therefore, in the case of Lablue quite high. Clearly, anyone who does not need to invest in a Premium membership, provides fast even a fraudulent profile and attract other members, often with erotic promises.

Conclusion to the La Blue features and La Blue profiles: There are at Lablue many active members with nice profiles, but also have a high Fake rate. In principle, both sides of the same coin: the platform is free, so both Singles, the right stuff, how to cheat, the place free of charge your bait cavort there.

4. User-friendliness of Lablue

Unlike many Dating agencies, the seemingly lightning-fast Instant-registry is missing – as to the fact but anyway usually a few questions that are Mandatory to follow, the result is quite similar – in two, three minutes you are logged in and can browse the profiles of the registered members.

The contact with the Lablue customer service is made – something unusual – a contact form which is only for logged in members to use. However, this works well and you can be here for questions, help, and easy Fakes to report.

Almost unbelievable, but in the case of Lablue there is no area of help, even so-called FAQs. Anyone who has a Problem, you must turn always to the customer service. It would be even easier! The Lablue termination is done with a few clicks.

Conclusion to the La Blue user-friendliness: A do not look gift horses in the mouth? In Many ways we are spoiled for sure because of other (paid) Dating provider make it better. Other defects, however, is so easy to fix that we wonder whether Lablue invested at all still work in the page.

5. Lablue Price-To-Performance Ratio

Yes, Lablue, you can really use for nothing useful. There are no hidden a subscription trap or important features that need to be unlocked with a payment.

Only a few of the additional features you can pay a very affordable Premium fee to see, for example, who has an a rating, or the (somewhat annoying) ads hide. To be a member of the so-called the Club, however, is not absolutely necessary to use the platform and even if you decide you no hassle of subscription.

To a certain extent, is also true: what costs nothing is worth nothing. This not only refers to the old site itself, but also for the setting of the User.

The advantage: As it is completely free to use, you can let the membership there “on the side” run, while at the same time searches for fee-based portals that might work for this, more efficient and more professional.

Conclusion to the La Blue cost: If you don't want to pay for the matchmaking, is here in good hands, but Lablue is definitely not the most efficient way to find the love of his life – or even just a Flirt.
Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Lablue's Summary

In The Test: Lablue
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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