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Conclusion: Zoosk puts in the Test for a Flirt-Apps a terrific result and convinced by a lot of sophisticated functions as well as many vibrant and flirt open to members. The price-performance ratio is top! For us the best choice in the area of Dating portal!

Pros and cons of Zoosk:

Positive at Zoosk

  • You learn very quickly to know new people (results-contact Test: Excellent)
  • Is one of the largest online Dating Apps in the world
  • Good customer service, and ease of termination
  • Excellent App for the mobile Flirting
  • Short membership to try it out

Negative at Zoosk

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (any Flirt-Portale)

Our tip to Zoosk

You can use the free registration a first impression to gain. We say it, however: Without a premium membership, you are not to meet on Zoosk many new people. Only then köcan you Chat and exchange messages. This is for all the großen, seriösen Flirt portal.

Zoosk-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 62 actual contact sequence
  • 6 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for Zoosk

Members statistics

45% women

55% of men
The share of women at Zoosk

Suitability for Flirt

  • The best Flirt App
  • Sophisticated, playful Flirt-concept

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 2.500.000
  • Demand trend: 60.500

The degree of activity in Germany

1. Zoosk Review: Summary

There are many situations in life where one wishes meet new people . The motives can be as varied as the people themselves wanted. Especially when it is not clear whether it's supposed to be a buddy, a Flirt, love or just adventure, are Single stock exchanges and Flirt portal without a fixed orientation to the correct address.

Zoosk is made for these claims. Zoosk playfully combines different functions that are designed for every need perfectly. Zoosk is, in our experience, the best Flirt App and Winner in the area of "Flirt" . Tip!

A summary of the test results on Zoosk:

Practice test and experience
Zoosk has proven in practice to test that it works excellent. More than every second attempt to contact. With such a high success rate is hardly another flirtation can keep up-Portal. The success rate is a result of the contact-Test and indicates how Sociable the Zoosk members. Thus would be proved that using Zoosk is very simple and very fast, new people met can be. Top class!
Features and Profiles
Zoosk not only fun, but also delivers good results . A combination of playful and functional element provides for a variety of flirt options. Remarkable features are the "carousel" (quick run-through of search results à la Hot or Not), smart date" (self-learning System with an intelligent Matching algorithm), and the "insights" (revealing information about the private flirt-rich behavior). It's a must try!
Zoosk works in the area of the use of mobile (Apps / mobile website), a pioneer in the Design and handling. So far nothing New. That Zoosk but so exceptionally well in customer service, pricing transparency and the Termination options cuts, is likely to surprise you. Exemplary!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
Zoosk is priced at a slightly lower level than the other Flirt portal. The fact that Zoosk provides in addition to the better performance, a gain in your clearly positive Price-To-Performance Ratio . Very good!

2. Zoosk practice test and Zoosk experience

This Zoosk practice test to help you the Pros and cons of the single market to meet to be able to, ultimately, for or against Zoosk decide. In the Test Zoosk is examined in detail. For the Test, a male and a female profiles may be created. Both Profiles look average and average profile data. With these profiles, the single market will be explored first, with free memberships. These are then in Premium memberships is converted to be able to really test all of its features. The result of this practice tests the core of our Zoosk review is. A single stock does poorly, you can't win.

To Zoosk the Internet has many reports. Under the enter a search term" Zoosk Experiences “ share people your experience with Zoosk. Including negative experiences we have not in our testing of account are located. We want to Zoosk comprehensive range of image to convey both the positive and the negative aspects of the single market taken into account .

2.1 first impression of Zoosk

Zoosk makes a good first impression. The Flirt-Portal appears to him a pleasant and modern Design . Both, the App and the Desktop Version are practically designed. With this modern approach, Zoosk stand out successfully from the long-established single exchanges. We are excited to see how Zoosk in the Test cut.

Unfortunately, a lot of information about the function to be given by Zoosk in the Hand. The visitor must engage more or less on the product. Only in the press area (English) and in the App description hints to the fact you can find. There is talk of all sorts of innovations – we will see – and our own experience.

Video: Zoosk the Spot to set the mood.

Commendable is the fact that Zoosk as one of the very few Flirt-Portale is the Prices openly communicates (only if Zoosk is surfing via a Smartphone, and the App Store). Other Dating services communicate their prices to the registry. We find not good, and therefore praise the transparency on Zoosk.

The profile is quickly created. The fastest way is by a link is made to Facebook. In particular, the selection of interests is so much easier.

Image: the interests of the Import of Facebook facilitates the profiling.

2.2 contact-Test on Zoosk

The contact-Test is the The heart of our Zoosk Tests . All the single exchanges can be tested according to the same pattern. So it can be determined how active and sociable and the members are . These properties are critical for the functioning of a Dating App, and are, therefore, crucial for our test sentence. So, Zoosk has, accordingly, been tested. (Automated responses were not, of course, included.)

Image: Aha, a chat request!

The results of the test at Zoosk

30 days contact Test at Zoosk

>> Passive contact recordings: 39

  • of received standard greetings: 37
  • of the received individual messages: 3

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 20
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 3

Success rate: 62 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Thirty nine passive contact plus Twenty three positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

Image: This lady has been richly blessed. Either roses seem to like her – or roses are to have particularly favorable (10 coins).

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience Zoosk

The result of the practical tests speaks clear words. With this success rate, Zoosk is the Flirt chat Apps for Dating and flirting portal in the front of the . In no other Flirt-App, the members are so sociable and open to new people. Thus, Zoosk proves top performance and scores in the practice test exceptionally well. Tip!

3. Features and Profiles on Zoosk

For the Test of functions what are mainly used on the Zoosk App, as this is what was in focus. But also a Desktop version for PCs and Laptops has been tested. Zoosk can be used across all endpoints are equal and parallel.

3.1 function and mediation methodology on Zoosk

Function "Search"

In the search, the search criteria can be set and the results are then spotted. Zoosk makes it easy for you the results quickly through forests. Determine the profile photo of the determined members. This profile photo is displayed prominently. With a Swipe to the left or to the right can be changed to the next candidate . The whole thing is entertaining and even fun. Quickly the proposals can be viewed and interesting members found. A tilt down to allow you to use Prodilangaben of the members to capture. The function "online Now" has the same Mechanics, but with the difference that only the members are displayed at the Moment online.

Image: With a swipe to the left of the next candidate out of it.

Function "Carousel"

With the carousel Zoosk has created a function that allows a very quickly to sift through a lot of members. The optical interest is clearly in the foreground. With the question: "Would you like to you/meet him?" is displayed to the user, the profile picture of a member. Now, the question is "Yes", "answer Yes-no" or "no". By the way: For each positive answer (this also includes "Yes and no") g there is a coin . Below we will explain what can be done with the coins. The carousel is entertaining and can be on the side made in the subway or in the supermarket queue.

Zoosk collects the replies and determines in the Background as the valued members have, in turn, responds to the profile picture of test user. Optionally there is a Match, that is to say, two members both have to say about each other with "Yes". That is the goal of this game.

Image: "do you Want to meet"? Yes, Yes-No, No.

Of course, only the optical characteristics to play in this function, a role. Reason for criticism? – We find no after all , it runs in real life is also not different. In addition, Zoosk elsewhere offers a different placement methodology, which relies on character traits.

Image: In the interests of both sides, a happy member is displayed. And here are the coins that can be invested back in to a Profile activation.

Function "Smart Date"

The smart date is also a Switching function , however, is less about the externals. The smart date is to be settled in the area of Dating. Here, members should be brought together, the fit is actually due to their properties well with each other. The special: Unlike conventional Dating ernittlungen (questionnaire) determined Zoosk independently of the personality profiles of the members, and compares them. For this purpose, to automatically add to this the learning algorithm used, based on the profile information and the smart date and Cancel. The more active the user is, the better the results will be. And in fact, we were able to determine in the course of the testing improvements. Very innovative!

Image: A Smart Date. The algorithm has done a great job.

Communication functions

On Zoosk, there are three functions to be able to communicate with other members:

  • Wink, wink (the default greeting is usually not very meaningful)
  • Messages (premium feature on both the Write and the read)
  • To chat (a premium feature)

Image: read message? – Only for premium members.

The Function Of "Gifts"

Who has too many coins and would like to invest in a contact, can make this digital gifts. Various articles are available. Well.

Image: The contact a pleasure? For example, with a poison. Or maybe better with a love message.

Function "Tools"

If it's no longer just the right times and you learn not to know enough new people, you can use this function. If you enable the Extras is placed your profile prominently in search results of other users. Only courage, this is not a desperate act, but is used by many members. Zoosk says the tools could be 3 times more profile views are generated. In our testing this did not work completely. But it has generated new prospects. Small drawback, the function, costs 100 coins.

Image: The Turbo is ignited. Hopefully, the profile is now more and more popular.

Function "Mega Flirt"

So, this function increases the contact opportunities. Once a day can with the mega flirt a standardized chat request to many, many users at the same time be sent. We have tested and can say: It works even partially. Of course, the contacts are not pre-selected. Nevertheless, very helpful!

Function "Insights"

Here Zoosk trumps again with a true Innovation . The function provides useful insights into their own flirting behavior. The resulting understanding can the user be Flirt help to optimize behavior. In three sections, the user is shown:

  • "Who likes you": What are the characteristics and interests of the members, find the user interesting.
  • "Who you like": What are the characteristics and interests of the members, the user will find interesting.
  • "Your Dating style": How good is Zoosk knows already? Here is the own level of Activity and the number of visitors to the profile page will be shown.

The function is a little Gimmick. But you can imagine what Benefit you can sooner or later pins.

Image: staying Active pays off!

3.2 quality of profiles on Zoosk

The number of Fake Profiles on Zoosk's is absolutely, in the framework of for the area Apps and Flirt portal Flirt. Here the safety measures are not as high as in the case of the classic Dating services. We recommend to play it safe and give only the verified profiles of trust. Zoosk offers excellent opportunities.

Profile verification

Zoosk offers even four methods of the profile to confirm to be able to leave. Better yet, These can also be combined.

  • The confirmation via mobile phone number
  • The confirmation by means of Facebook
  • The confirmation by means of Twitter
  • The photo confirmation via Video (only about Zoosk App)

The safest and the most remarkable is certainly Photo confirmation via Video . It starts on the push of a button a video recording. Following the instructions, it moves the head to the left, the right or somewhere else. Zoosk's moderators to check the Video and compare it with the set profile photos. Very safe! A very good Innovation!

Image: photos by Video confirm. Is very easy.

Profile Tips:
  • Images, Images, Images: The more pictures You adjust, the better. Pictures tell more than thousand words and so create trust.
  • Let your Profiles confirm . Zoosk offers innovative ways, which can be easily and quickly used. So you show the other users that you and your pictures are real.

3.3 summary of Zoosk's features and Profiles

Zoosk is able to develop useful features that make at the same time fun. That is what we like very well, because to meet new people is supposed to be no work. The quality of the functions and the Profile is at a very high level and it can record with all of the other Dating sites. Top!

4. User-friendliness: Zoosk

4.1 customer service and contact Zoosk

As the first point of contact in case of problem with the App or the desktop version of Zoosk offers a large FAQ area . But what if the question is not answered there? Then, only the contact with the customer service helps. And this has shown that Zoosk takes his customers first. Our experience with the customer service exceeded all expectations.

On a positive note is that Zoosk a The phone number for customer service offers. This is very, very rare in the industry and speaks clearly for Zoosk.

In our Test, we had found then, however, a number of just a tape on which a message can be. But in fact, on the same day, we got a friendly call from a lady from the customer service . Our (made-up) Problem solved. We have therefore tested the contact form and a (fictitious) Problem described. Here, too, the customer service was exemplary and quick and friendly responding. As customer service goes!

Image: A phone number for customer service? There is in the industry very rarely. Exemplary!

4.2 termination at Zoosk

A pity that Zoosk works with an automatic renewal of membership (in the case of certain payment methods). Without this aspect of Zoosk would get in terms of user-friendliness the full score . However, the automatic subscription renewal industry is common and there are hardly any exceptions.

Positive Zoosk convinced, in turn, with the Possibility to cancel the subscription online to be able to. In almost all other Dating services, the termination consists of a complex process that requires a bit of effort. Not so with Zoosk. That is what we like very well.

Tip: Do not forget the Zoosk subscription to cancel again. The in Zoosk as easy as nowhere else. We explain here how to do it.
So you cancel with Zoosk:

Go to the help section in Zoosk and enter the search term "notice of termination". An article with a detailed description appears. Easy-to-follow instructions. Big plus: The subscription cancellation can be carried out (whether before, on iTunes, Amazon, or the Zoosk website what is purchased) directly to the Computer. Very practical and user-friendly.

Image: as simple As that Terminate at Zoosk.

4.3 operation and Design on Zoosk

Both operation as well as Design are at Zoosk to the top level. The App and the Website have a modern, pleasant Design. The user guide is well thought out and is not a Problem. Only on the Desktop site you get occasionally even in areas where an old Design is recognizable. The Zoosk App is 100% clean, and fun.

4.4 Mobile Zoosks / The Zoosk App

Zoosk is perfectly adapted to mobile use. In our experience, the focus of the application is here even. The Zoosk App is available for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and for Android devices (Google). Whether you're looking for a single stock exchange for the PC at home or a Flirt-App, on-the-go, Zoosk manages the balancing act quite successfully.

4.5 Conclusion Zooks User-Friendliness

To be able To price transparency, customer service, the handling and the Design, as well as the possibility of online terminate speak a clear language. Zoosk is a Flirt in terms of user-friendliness in the front of the Segment of the Flirt Apps / portals.

5. Price-to-performance ratio in the case of Zoosk

5.1 Zoosk prices and Zoosk cost

As with all other great and reputable Dating sites, it is also not possible to use Zoosk without premium membership makes sense. The free registration can, and should, of course, be used to gain a first Overview and to decide whether a Zoosk like at all.

To Zoosk but really to flirt a premium membership is needed. Only with this we can communicate with other members. Read messages, write messages, chat, and other features are subject to a fee. This is fine, after all, only so many of the functions and the Service can be kept alive.

The paid features on Zoosk
  • Unlimited messages read and write, or Chat (absolutely necessary)
  • Visitors of the own profile will see (useful)
  • Smart date (for partner proposals)
Time-Saving Tip: You should consider well, whether you buy the premium membership through the App or via the website. In our Test, we have found that the Zoosk prices and the running times of the premium memberships depending on the distinguish. On the premium membership and the scope of usable functions, but this has no influence.

A premium member through the App

The Zoosk Premium Membership there are in three durations at different prices per month:
  • For 6 Months Duration is Zoosk price € 15.00 per month (50% cheaper per month than 1-month duration)
  • For 3 Months is Zoosk price € 20.00 per month
  • For 1 Month Term is Zoosk price 29,99 € per month

Premium membership via the website

The Zoosk Premium Membership there are in three durations at different prices per month:
  • For 12 Months Duration is Zoosk price 15,90 € per month (47% less expensive per month than 3-month duration)
  • For 6 Months Duration is Zoosk price 20,90 € per month
  • For 3 Month Term is Zoosk price 29,90 € per month

We recommend the 6-month period. Why?

In this variant, 50% of the Zoosk cost savings . Experience has shown that a single exchange is used for at least this period of time. Those who opt directly for a period of six months large saving potential. Who is not sure, you can of course start with the three-month period. Less experience is not worth it according to. Who would like to try Zoosk only time should use only the free membership and no premium membership to complete.

The Zoosk costs are comparatively low (other Dating sites and Flirt Apps). It should be noted, however, that the Zoosk cost, if necessary, by additional coin purchases increase.

Image: The cost of Zoosk.

Caution: The premium membership may, depending on the selected method of payment, automatically renew. Best you cancel the premium subscription as a precaution immediately after the completion of. So it's quick and easy.

On Zoosk, certain functions are paid for with coins. The coins are a child of Zoosk-internal currency.

For the following functions, the coins needed are:

  • Gifts to buy: 10 – 100 coins
  • To find out whether a message has been read: 35 coins
  • Contact unlock: for 30 coins
  • Special delivery of a message as a Pop-Up: 45 tokens
  • Features: 100 coins (your Own profile, increase visibility, and possibly more calls to get)
The cost of the Zoosk coins:
  • For 1,800 coins is Zoosk price 89,99 € (55% cheaper than the 180 coins package)
  • For 480 coins is Zoosk price 34,99 €
  • For 180 coins is Zoosk price 19,99 €

Image: coins can not only be earned but also bought.

5.2 Price-To-Performance Ratio

Zoosk is a relatively cheap Flirt-Portal . Taking the fact into account that Zoosk offers not only a flawless App but still really good features, the fun, the The price is more than justified . Since other Dating Apps may be a slice of cut off. The mere fact that the members contact on Zoosk so joyfully (cf. contact-Test) is worth the price.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Zoosk's Summary

In The Test: Zoosk
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Nine / Th

User Ratings Overall


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I can't understand why in almost all so much with tinder out??! I've been before I've been reading the articles here at zoosk. davir, I was on tinder and I can't understand the hype. zoosk is so much better. why: 1) the automatic intelligence that is, to help me flirt. 2) swiping back and forth like tinder is zoosk so. 3) users are more at the thing (in the case of tinder so much the show) is. and if it would be with us in Germany so as popular as in America, it would be even much better. a star deducted because there could be more people in Germany.

This is a good page


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