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Conclusion: eDarling is a fresh, modern matchmaking, the work is not only excellent, but also fun. Innovative features and a vibrant community eDarling in the Test very well!

Advantages and disadvantages of eDarling:

Positive at eDarling

  • Get to know other Profiles is facilitated (4-steps-of-concept)
  • Very many members in Germany (about 3 million)
  • Modern Design and handling
  • Good Price-Performance-Ratio

Negative at eDarling

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (any Dating services)

Our tip-to-eDarling

To see it first for free on eDarling before you become a premium member. So there is no risk. If you eDarling gefällt, is a premium membership, however, unumg—accessible (as is the case with all the Dating services). Just so köcan you be active!

eDarling-key figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 36 actual contact sequence
  • 4 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for eDarling

Members statistics

52% women

48% of men
The share of women at eDarling

Fitness for love

  • Portal for love and partnership
  • Individual Partner Proposals

Fitness for love

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 3.000.000
  • Demand trend: 80.000

The degree of activity in Germany

1. eDarling Test: summary

Almost every man wants sooner or later a solid Partner for life. In the meantime, it is appropriate to extend normal to its partners in the Internet. This may, in addition to time savings and a higher frequency of Contact still many other benefits. Dating services on the Online Matchmaking specialized offer very good benefits.

eDarling is one of these very good Dating services. In our eDarling Test the matchmaking has performed very well. So eDarling is one, in our opinion, one of the best Dating agencies in Germany. Top!

A summary of the test results on eDarling

Practice test and experience
More than every third contact attempt will be rewarded with an actual contact. With this result, eDarling is positioned in the area of "Very good". The sociability is an Online Dating service is crucial and contributes significantly to positive eDarling experience.
Features and Profiles
One of the areas eDarling out in which particularly positive. The Matching process is robust and delivers good results. The contact functions of cutting, in particular through the 4-steps concept is excellent. Never Know what is so easy. The Profiles are also in very high quality. A safety check in addition to security. Top!
Here, too, eDarling performs well above average. A transparent communication, as well as fair and simple Termination options are crucial for this purpose. Add to that the modern Design and the handling make it fun. So top!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
eDarling has its price and is not cheap. As with all other great and reputable Dating services now, it needs to be able to a a premium membership to eDarling really use. If you're looking for seriously a Partner, you will find that the price-to-performance ratio is good . It is virtually in the truest sense of the word an investment in love.

2. eDarling practice test and eDarling experience

We want to provide you with this eDarling Test a far-reaching and realistic picture of eDarling. For this purpose, we have tested the matchmaking in detail themselves. For the Test two eDarling Profiles have been created. A female profile and a male profile, both with an average profile image and the average of the profiles of information. In the first step, the free features have been investigated. Later, it was then changed to a premium membership to be able to actually test all of its features. The results of the practice tests is at the heart of our Tests and is essential for the trial court's judgment.

In the Google search results under the search term" eDarling experience to find “ negative reports to eDarling. These are partly justified, but partly out of date. We let these reports are not taken into account and provide you with a comprehensive picture of eDarling. Therefore, we report both positive as well as negative findings.

2.1 first impression of eDarling

eDarling makes on the first glance a professional and trustworthy impression . On the website all information to be made available, it needs first of all. A detailed description of the Matching procedure is supplied. We are with the first impression is very satisfied.
Image: a Professional, serious impression of eDarling.
A particularly positive effect on if eDarling, that the prices for premium membership are already up before the registration. In almost all other Dating services, the prices will be called only after a registration. We can't find in order and are pleased with the very fair price transparency in eDarling. Thumbs up! (The eDarling prices and costs, we call below )

Video: Making Of the last spot of eDarling advertising in 2011

Less like us, that the eDarling Portal is not optimized for mobile. Thus, it is for visitors that come via the phone or the Tablet to click a little awkward due to the Information. However, it should be said that the matchmaking is a mobile Version available (so, there are eDarling Apps). Once you are logged in, so even on the Smartphone, everything is excellent.

2.2 contact-Test on eDarling

The contact-Test examines the Sociability of the members of eDarling . It is elementary for a partner placement that the user encounters a vibrant community that adds a contact to other members. The result of the contact test is a Success rate indicating how many contact attempts to an actual contact. So eDarling has been tested to determine.

Each of the third contact attempt is actually to a contact.

The test results on eDarling

30 days contact Test on eDarling

>> Passive contacts: 15

  • of received standard greetings: 15
  • thereof received in individual messages: 0

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 18
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 3

Success rate: 36 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Fifteen passive contact plus Twenty one positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

2.3 conclusion practice test and Profiles at eDarling

At least every third contact attempt is actually to a contact. The practical test shows that eDarling is a functioning matchmaking. On the Portal, the contact is boldness large. It is particularly striking that the standard greetings are used for the contact recording. No wonder, then, offers eDarling just a very helpful, supported 4-steps-get-to-know concept. The result is very good.

3. Features and Profiles at eDarling

3.1 function and mediation methodology on eDarling

So eDarling operates in the core, like all other Dating services, on a matching procedure the matching Profiles brings together.

The Matching Process

Step 1

After the free registration is a Personality test made. This takes about 25 minutes and gives the necessary data for the subsequent Matching. Answer the questions as honestly and detailed as possible. The more effort you give here, the better the partners are fit suggestions to you . A repetition of the Tests is (usually) not possible.

Step 2

On the Basis of the answers to the personality tests, the so-called is Personality profiles created. The profile contains, among other things, five dimensions on the user compared to the average of the eDarling-users (and later in comparison to each of the other users) is considered. The dimensions are: conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, Extraversion, Neuroticism. All of the dimensions and the arrangement to be very helpful and described in detail.

Image: The personality dimensions are described in detail in a descriptive way.

Image: Beautiful Overview of your own profile dimensions in comparison to the other members.

Step 3

At this point, the Matching into the game. Now eDarling Partner proposals generates exactly this previously generated personality into account profile of the user. How exactly the Matching works is not known. Only that eDarling for the matching procedure with several universities working together. The result of the Matching is a regularly updating list of possible matches.

Step 4

In addition to the personality profiles, the own play Search criteria a role in the selection of the Profiles. The partner proposals can be sorted so, which makes sense with the Abundance of the proposals. Sorting attributes can be: distance, age and online status. Matching points, there is not at eDarling. So you can't see on the basis of a single number, how well a profile one.

Image: partner proposals without end.

An interesting feature is the "What-if". Here the user will be suggested daily for up to 20 contacts that did not make it on the basis of the search criteria. Maybe it fits, Yes?

Step 5

Then the following Contact. The list of partners proposal satisfied, you should be active and start to contact interesting Profiles.


eDarling offers 4-steps-concept to get to Know other members to. This is a higher-level function that includes the individual communications functions. The eDarling Test has shown that this is a very nice way to keep track of contacts. So you can see immediately how far the meeting has progressed with each of the contacts already in progress. In addition, the function fun and encourages to be active. Nicely done!

Image: 4 steps to meet someone? – Very happy!
First 5 questions selected (Ideas about the relationship), which will be provided to the contact. These questions are answered by the opposite, it is necessary to answer the questions of the counterpart. Then it's on with the balance of likes and dislikes. The next step is more personal. Now, individual questions can be formulated themselves. These are, therefore, answered as follows in the last step of a personal message.
Of course personal messages so be written immediately. Compliance with the 4-steps is up to you. But it's a nice guide. As a further communication function for each user is, therefore, directly "Smile" available. This is a standard greeting, the expressed first interest. In addition, comments and "Like-me" Greetings will be sent to the profile pictures and personal details.
Interesting: To protect against Spam contacts can be after the first message is only written to if they have responded.

Image: "visitors to my profile": Have these ladies around interested in our test profiles? A special Form of partner proposals.

A further remarkable feature is the ability to see, if the other user has read the message already (reading confirmation) . This can be helpful, because that way you know quickly whether it's worth it to wait for a response.

3.2 quality of profiles at eDarling

For the identity test (optional) must be sent a copy of the identity card, to eDarling (Email, Fax or Post). After the successful verification, the user gets an icon on the profiles, which confirms the authenticity. We recommend that the identity verification to perform. The trust of other users in your profile increases and it is detected as a serious intention to find a partner.

In our eDarling Test, we are not a single Fake profiles met.

This Form of identity verification is highly reliable and eliminates Fake Profiles among the tested profiles are quasi. So, the fact that the premium membership is not for eDarling cheap, reduces the number of Fake profiles significantly. In our eDarling Test, we are not a single Fake profiles met. Clean!
On eDarling it is to upload no duty to a profile picture. However, it should be clear that the chances of meeting someone are without a profile image are close to Zero. Unlike other Dating services, eDarling offers the possibility that the profile pictures are all pixelated and only by explicit approval for individual contacts is visible. The advantage of this is that you can quickly get a picture of a contact and faster know if you have interest. Of course, this is at the expense of anonymity.
Profile Tips:
  • You can use the option of a free identity check on eDarling. In order to stand out from the crowd and increase your trustworthiness.
  • A lot of pictures in your profile. So you can make your contact a good picture of them. Pictures say more than 1000 words.

3.3 conclusion eDarling features and Profiles

In our Test, we were surprised by the eDarling functions and profiles is positive. Not only that, all of the basic mechanics (Matching, messages, profile properties) work solid - eDarling has so innovative elements in the use of the support contact is positive and even simplify. It should be mentioned here, for example, the 4-steps-of-concept and "What-if"list. Here eDarling performs very well .

4. User-friendliness: eDarling

eDarling makes every effort to provide its users with detailed tips and Tricks for Dating available. A whole Counselor area of the members to the side.

Image: The Counselor provides a lot of information for the successful life partner.

4.1 customer service and contact with eDarling

In our customer service test, we had no other choice than to abandon the phone test. Like all the other Dating agencies so eDarling is hiding his phone number. The fear of Overloading seems to be too big. We don't find a good course, and finally, many problems are created by phone quickly from the world.

Image: Many contact possibilities, however, unfortunately, there is no phone number.

The customer service responded via the contact form, relatively quickly. Our detailed Problem, we had the following day the solution. The minus point is the lack of phone number is not quite so bad.

4.2 termination for eDarling

First of all, there is for eDarling a Minus point since the subscription is extended automatically, if this is not terminated in a timely manner. We don't find very user-friendly. To prevent this from happening, the premium member must be active and terminate the contract. We explain in the following paragraph how to do that. Caution: The deletion of the profile not as a termination of the contract. Before you delete your profile, you should terminate the contract.

eDarling stand out in terms of termination, however, a positive effect of most of the other Dating services and earns a plus point. The premium membership can be terminated at eDarling very easy and convenient from the user's account out. So easy and user-friendly that is regulated hardly anywhere else. We appreciate the.

Tip: Don't forget your eDarling To cancel subscription once you have found a Partner. We explain here how to do this quickly and easily.
So you cancel at eDarling

If you cancel the function of your eDarling membership to find, you just proceed as follows: Log >> Click below in the Footer of the portal to the "terms and conditions" >> Click on the word "notice" in the first sentence of >> Click the following article on the word "here"

Image: Here is to see if the automatic extension is still active

4.3 operation and Design on Parship

eDarling is in terms of handling and Design the test winner in anything. The matchmaking is decorated in a modern and appealing Design. To understand the functions and all are easy and simple to apply. The menu is coherent and to the point. Helpful mouse-Over text to explain the functions, if this should be self-explanatory. So, let's imagine a successful presentation of the portal for the life partner.

Image: The modern Design and the easy handling make for eDarling fun.

4.4 Mobile use eDarlings / eDarling App

Outstanding Design, even in the mobile Website of the eDarling portal. This can be just as good to use and really makes fun . The current status of the life partner can also be used on-the-go review and more track. The outstanding Design is not in this extent in the eDarling Apps fort. Nevertheless, these are in order. The eDarling App both for the iPhone as well as Android devices.

4.5 conclusion eDarling user-friendliness

eDarling has a in comparison to other Dating services, remarkable user-friendliness. The his is mainly due to the fact that eDarling in advance Prices communicates and Edarling is possible to easily cancel out of the user area out of the premium membership. Add to that first-class Design and handling of the power on both the PC and on the Smartphone fun.

5. Price-to-performance ratio in the case of eDarling

5.1 eDarling prices and eDarling cost

If you want to use eDarling actually needs a premium membership. Although you can register free of charge, however, does not have enough free features to get serious about Dating. This is not so intended at all. The free registration is just to be able to get a first impression of eDarling make. All great and reputable Partnervermitttlungs portal method according to this pattern.

[...] in eDarling, however, one of the best Dating agencies in Germany.

We have nothing against good Dating agencies (and, therefore, eDarling) cost something. Finally, the Service needs to be developed and operated. This is not without cost. In addition, high quality Dating services to be developed, like any other product, in order to be profitable. So, we find in order. As long As the price-performance ratio.

The eDarling interested parties, it must be clear that purchase with a eDarling, a non-effective product. Depending on duration, can accumulate, as is the case with the other Dating agencies now, large sums of money. Who is aware of this and for this can be found in eDarling decides in its search for a partner to invest, however, one of the best Dating agencies in Germany.

Caution: As with all other Dating agencies, therefore, extended the premium membership at eDarling automatically to the originally selected term, if not timely terminated. We recommend, therefore, directly after the conclusion of the premium membership, to terminate this already, as a precaution, re ( easy and quick to terminate ).

eDarling distinguishes between a basic free membership and a premium membership. We explain the difference:

The Premium Membership

Premium (included in performance compared to the free basic membership)
  • Unlimited communicate with all the communication functions (absolutely necessary)
  • Photos of the other users to see (absolutely necessary)
  • See who has visited your profile (useful)
  • More frequent profiles of a placement with other users (useful)
  • Mobile App (very useful)
  • Contact warranty (Advertising promise – it's unnecessary)

Depending on the term of the premium membership (subscription) is the difference between the monthly eDarling prices:

Duration 3 Months

eDarling price:

64,90 € per month

Duration 6 Months

eDarling price:

44,90 € per month

Duration 12 Months

eDarling price:

29,90 € per month

The Premium Plus Membership

Premium Plus (included in performance compared to the premium membership)
  • All the benefits of a premium membership, in addition to the...
  • Identity Verification / Profiles Confirmation (useful)
  • Reading confirmation of outgoing messages (useful)
  • A more detailed personality profiles as a PDF to Download (not necessary)
  • What-if-function / additional partner suggestions per day (we would like)

Depending on the maturity of the Premium Plus membership (subscription) is the difference between the monthly eDarling prices:

6 months

eDarling price:

49,90 € per month

12 months

eDarling price:

32,90 € per month

24 months

eDarling price:

27,90 € per month

We recommend the Premium Plus variant for 12 months. Why?

According to our experience, is required for the life partner in Dating services about a year and a half. This can be compared to the Offline world very quickly. However, it may take a bit longer. Or you can get your first six months online and need the matchmaking is still a few weeks longer. You would have to extend to six months, it is considerably more expensive . If you believe, however, from there, you create it in half a year, you should save the remaining 6 months and a six-month term you choose.


Directly after registration and the completion of the personality tests, a special offer is made. For the quick ones, the expect can. Up to 53% savings wave.

  • Discount 12 Months Of Premium Plus: 53% (29,90 € per month)

Image: Directly after the personality test, you get a special offer. Saving potential!

5.2 price-to-performance ratio in the case of eDarling

In the end it all comes down to a well-balanced price-performance ratio. The Services votes provides the eDarling, would also be justified in the price. And actually. Based on our test results, we are of the opinion that the price-performance ratio for eDarling is good. Although the cost for an online Dating (here eDarling) are not low, but the advantage is often significant. eDarling is a very good matchmaking and is one of without a doubt one of the best Dating agencies in Germany. The price is justified, in our view.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Love . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

eDarling summary

In The Test: eDarling
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Seven / Th

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