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Conclusion: Elite partner also belongs to the Elite in the field of matchmaking. A good product which convinces in particular by a high number of members. Good!

Pros and cons of elite partners:

Positive at elite partner

  • A good Dating service that meets your purpose to the full
  • Very many members in Germany (about 3.5 million)
  • All of the convenient Apps available (Smartphone and Tablet)

Negative at elite partner

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (any Dating services)
  • Sociability of the members could be higher

Our tip to elite partner

If you are really looking seriously for a Partner, you should have a premium membership, finalßen. Only then köcan you to elite partner and be active with other members in contact . All the großen und seriösen Dating services work.

Elite Partner-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 29 actual contact sequence
  • 3 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for elite partners

Members statistics

47% women

53% of men
The share of women at elite partner

Fitness for love

  • A classic in the Online Dating
  • Specifically for academics and the "Elite"

Fitness for love

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members country-wide: 3.500.000
  • Demand trend: 122.000

The degree of activity in Germany

More popular as an elite partner ...

... is currently Fremdgehen69 (all categories)

This Portal is hot!
  • Currently much sought after as an elite partner
  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
  • Dating & Live Cam Dates in the vicinity

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1. Elite Partner Test: Summary

The desire to have a Partner at his side is one of the most elementary of the human being. Meanwhile, it is fortunately quite normal to keep track of the life partner on the Internet. Just search for a partner Online can have many advantages. Many specialized Dating services for a targeted and convenient life partner is possible. Elite partner is one of the few Dating services in Germany, the offer a good performance. A lot of fun reading the in-depth elite partner Tests.

Elite partner it creates through sovereign functions and a large number of members on the front seats in the category of partner. The Matching works fine, the Profiles are checked very well and provide a good basis for the Dating. A little criticism gets elite partner, especially in the evaluation of user-friendliness. The practice test what is a solid pass.

A summary of the test results on elite partners:

Practice test and experience
In the practice test elite partner could not sting, while a positive point of view, however, the results rate is nevertheless as "good". About every 4. Contact initiation was successful as our elite partner experiences. Thus, the Online matchmaking shows that they works well .
Features and Profiles
Elite partner Profiles with special care, tested that if on. Although this is primarily a positive aspect, it can also happen that it comes to unjustified profile closures. The Matching is sophisticated and delivers good partner proposals .
Here elite partner does, unfortunately, not positive from other Dating agencies. A recurring subscription model, a complicated notice and a lack of customer service phone number are reason for this. The fact that elite partners reveals as one of the few Dating services before the registry, its prices, enhances the value of the judgment, however. The Design and the operation are completely in order, however, not up-to-date.
Price-To-Performance Ratio
So the elite partner is not favorable. The Price-to-performance ratio is in order . You will end up with an elite partner is a very good product that serves its purpose absolutely. Who is willing to invest in the search for a partner to get with elite partner a good Service.

2. Elite partner-practice test and elite partner experience

To be able To give you a good insight into elite partner, we have the matchmaking detailed tested . The heart of The elite partner of the Tests described in this Chapter practice test and the experience gained is. It is not enough for us to consider only the facts and leave us to other elite partner experiences. Of course, we are testing the matchmaking even to the smallest Detail. To do this we create two test accounts ("average"woman and man) and explore the free features. Then, switch to a premium membership, changed the matchmaking to actually fully test it.

You on Google with the search term" Elite Partner Experience “ a, you will discover so some negative reports from users. Many of the points of criticism meetings, and also met the elite partner. In order to get a holistic picture of the partner Agency, we take into account these reports and do not call them, not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of an elite partner.

2.1 first impression of elite partners

The first impression of elite partners is very good. The matchmaking presents a comprehensive, what should be a matchmaking necessarily the Case. Finally, it is a more complex product. It will be presented information about the functioning and the features of the portal. See the value of a is Video called "tour", which clearly explains how elite partner step for step work. Other articles include information on personality test, profile test, to differentiate it from other Dating services and the premium membership and its costs. Unfortunately, not all areas are convenient to watch via mobile phone or the Tablet. Only the Login-area and the "magazine" seem to be mobile-optimized.

Video: The elite partners TV Spot promises to be a "dream life" with the right Partner on the side.

Elite partner, as to be expected, a professional and serious impression . The website works good so far and it can only be answered once all of the questions. What stands out positively: elite partners communicates transparent prices for the premium membership. This is in the industry of single exchanges is relatively rare and deserves a special plus point . Much too often the prices are only visible after you have already registered, and then for a premium membership to decide. All information about the elite partner Prices you can find below.

Image: Transparent communication: elite partner, announced the possible costs prior to registration.

Of course, elite partner tried only in the best light. To To makes how successful elite partner people partner, and how good the prospects of success are. The number of active members are sought, the rate of Graduates and the success rate. We want to see in our elite partner, practice test, in how far these figures are realistic

Image: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers... elite partner, apparently, is super.

2.2 contact-Test on elite partners

In the contact-Test is investigated how sociable members the matchmaking are. Ultimately, this criterion is very meaningful. The result of the test shows how quick and easy it comes into contact with other users . This, in turn, is mostly the result of a good Matching. But also factors, such as the number of members, and of course the willingness of the members play a crucial role. The contact does not work in a Dating Agency fails to bring the Portal to its promise to people. As elite partner in this Test fails, you will see in the Following.

Almost every 3. Request a success

The test results for elite partners

30 days contact Test on elite partners

>> Passive contacts: 19

  • of received standard greetings: 2
  • of the received individual messages: 9

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 5
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 5

Success rate: 29 of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Nineteen passive contact plus Th positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience the elite partner

The elite partners the practical test can not be completed with first class results. The sociability of the members is located in the lower area. Out of 100 attempts to contact 29 actual contacts. Accordingly, approximately one out of every 4 would. Contact lead to success want to attempt. Not a bad value, but outstanding it is not.

3. Features and Profiles on elite partners

3.1 function and mediation methodology to elite partner

Elite partners work as most of the major Dating services (personality test and Matching process), but has nevertheless notice some of the values in features.

The Matching Process

Step 1

After free registration, it is best to start with the Personality test . This takes about 20 minutes and is relatively easy to do. Be queried the ideas of a relationship, your own interests and leisure activities. Elite partner says: "Common interests and similar tastes to connect." In addition, goals and life settings to be queried.

Step 2

From the questions and answers elite partner then generates a so-called scientific personality profiles . This profile forming method, the Basis for the following Matching.

Step 3

The personality is the created profile, the Matching into the game. Here, the profile databases elite partner, will be scoured to the new user matching members present. As the algorithm looks behind, does not reveal elite partner. The Matching process is, in fact, very little is known. As a result of the Matching, the user will be presented then-partner proposals, which would especially fit in well.

4. The List with the partner proposals can also be search criteria are filtered. So you have the opportunity to make a finer selection. Search criteria are, for example. the age, the size of the searched partner, the desire to have children, or radius (the latter is a premium feature).

Image: partner proposals in Abundance. Unfortunately, not a few matches without a profile picture.

Step 5

It has refined the list of partner proposals to the extent and sorted, so that only potential candidates are in it, you should be active and the Profiles, contact . This can happen via a standard greeting without a personal message (not very convincing). Or you contacted the elect by means of a individual personal message. For the Sending and reading of personal messages – whether this message is appended to a standard greeting is – you have to be a premium member. Now it becomes obvious why you can get as a free member, although a first impression of elite partners, but a premium must be a member to really be able to find a partner to get started. The elite partner prices and all the premium features you will find below .

Matching points

Depending on how good of a partner proposal to be awarded in so-called matching points. These range between 54 (the deepest value in our Test) and 115 (reference to elite partner). Elite partner is 75 points of a good pass accuracy. In the list of partner proposals a thesis matching points for each proposal will be displayed. If you click on the profile to his own profile with the proposal to make .

Image: The own settings and that of the partner's proposal in the comparison.


To contact offer two ways to. You can either send a standard greeting, either with a personal message (personal message is a premium feature) or you can write a personal message. Elite partner meets the minimum requirements for the communication functions. Some more options would be desirable Functions, however, are completely sufficient .
It is noteworthy that in the case of the greeting function is already pre-made sets can be selected, which is actually a reference to the own and the other profiles. Example: "We have a similar button in music! I so like to hear Reggae.“ This proposal, however, is a little more meaningful: "you are interested in music. Me too!“

It is also possible to forms your own questions and then for the greeting function.

Image: greeting send.

3.2 quality of profiles on elite partners

Elite partners are particularly a lot of Eight correct Profiles . Proud elite partner, announced that a quarter of all registrations would not be accepted. This is mainly due to the coming to the use of be Inclusion criteria . Elite partner promises to check all the Profiles are 100% manually to . If the result is positive, the profile gets a "Verified seal".

In fact, it comes industry in the single floor (although less in the area of the high-priced Dating services) to customers impairment due to Fake Profiles and scammers. They want to snatch from the other members usually just money or questionable services. In the special Effort on the part of the elite partner is to keep its membership database "clean" to one of us welcome commitment that will help benefit the Customer.

Our test profile has been locked.

However, elite partner is not trying to keep scammers out there, but also people who are not, in their opinion, to the Elite. This is, of course, a strict enforcement of their positioning, such as the Name of the matchmaking conclusions: elite partner. Elite partner sets the finder to the innermost desire of many Partners, namely to find a particularly "good" Partner. And in the choice of partners, the "Elite" seems to like to stay among themselves. Each must know for himself whether this positioning appeals to them.

So, we were not has been spared from the strict "bouncers" elite partner. Our profiles on elite partner, has been blocked. Of course, we put our test profile is always with the greatest of care. Elite partner looked in the details yet to be an irregularity and the profiles are locked short-hand. We can see this in this case and ask us, amazed, whether it exaggerates elite partner something.

Image: Must not have studied a winery business? A friendly Email with the explanation of the way in our test, profile and back in the race (1 day later). Unlocked.

As with all great and reputable Dating services is a partner for Elite Anonymity of the users is very important . The user decides who can see his profile picture. Individual shares for each user are possible. Up to the release, the images are heavily blurred to be visible. The Name remains hidden. Only those who may want to explicitly users otherwise reveal his name. Otherwise, the cipher-numbers apply.

Profile Tips:
  • Fill In Your Profiles completely from. This creates confidence and increases their learning opportunities.
  • The best you can be quickly and start partner proposals to write. The only way you get into the swing and generate as many contacts.

3.3 conclusion elite partner functions and Profiles

The features and Profiles correspond to the case of elite partners for our requirements. The Matching fulfilled its purpose well . Under the partners ' proposals so many of the Profiles were, however, without a picture. The Communication functions are sufficient . This has disturbed the impression of something. Noticed so the very strict examination of the Profiles . We find in the first place, as such Fake Profiles can prevent. Sometimes, the strict inspection can lead to some frustration if, for example, is locked over the weekend on suspicion of the profiles.

4. User-friendliness: elite partners

4.1 customer service and contact at elite partner

Similar to Parship, also provides elite partner, a large area on the Portal, the many Suggestions and tips for Dating includes. Tips for profiling, recommendations for the first Date up to Tricks in the partnership are dealt with in countless articles in all topics related to a partnership. Here and there this area is also for advertising (e. g., books, coffee), which we find a bit exaggerated. Fun the many free Tests can make the elite partner offers here so (e. g. "What a Sextyp am I?" or "Are you a good Charmer?")

Image: news as much as you want.

Unfortunately, even at elite partner to find anywhere on the Portal a phone number, . For our Test, which gives a Minus point . Although you can cover letter customer service via a contact form, but one wishes for some problem, a clarifying phone call. The phone service, we could not test.

Test customer service via Email: Our Problem with the profile block (see above) relatively quickly be processed and resolved satisfactorily.

4.2 termination for elite partners

Elite partner is, unfortunately, not better than all the other Dating services that offer only subscription models with automatic renewal. The timely notice will forget, it pays to master. We find that there is at least the possibility should be monthly to cancel. Unfortunately, this model is a common practice. Elite partners get however, a minus point.

Elite partner, not making it to cancel easily. Apparently it can be found online through the customer portal be terminated. We can't find the function. So if you want to cancel your elite partner premium membership, do the following at the best how to. If you know how, it's very easy.

So you denounce at elite partners:

Just follow this Link complement the Writing with your personal data (the code number), print the Letter, sign it and send it off. Done!

Reminder: please also give your email address, which you can use for your Elite affiliate Account, and/or the code number. They must be clearly identified. Submit don't forget!

4.3 operation and Design elite partner

Here it is for elite partners neither a Plus nor a minus point. The Portal is easy to understand and easy to use. However, the Design and the user guide are not in the actual matchmaking up-to-date. The appearance could be a bit better. Ultimately, it hurts the experience but not really.

Image: this is A rather heavy and sober Design.

4.4 Mobile Elite Partner Elite Partner App

The above-mentioned flaw, that not all areas of the portal mobile-optimized (e. g., Rungang-Video), generates a small Minus in this rating. The fact that The elite partner offers, but both have an Apple App, a Blackberry App, as well as an Android App, to make the point again betting. The Apple App we have tested and are very satisfied with it. All important functions are easily available on the move. The personality test should, of course, be made easier on a Desktop Computer or on the Tablet.

Image: elite partner is about the Apps in the mobile as well.

4.5 Conclusion As A Elite Partner Of User-Friendliness

Unfortunately, elite partner not on is positive on the subject of Monthly fee and termination . That there is no phone number for customer service in the industry, not protect the Elite, but in front of a negative evaluation in this regard.

More on average, elite is a partner in the Design and ease of use . The application and the partner does not suffer, however. Equally negative is the incomplete Mobile optimization is noticed. A positive aspect of the many Apps are the elite partner offers.

5. Price-to-performance ratio in the case of elite partners

5.1 elite partner prices and elite partner cost

So elite partners can only be used as a premium member properly used. We have already indicated above. Even elite partner makes no secret of the fact. We rate positively. To be able To with other users in the contact costs. A free Dating is an elite partner so not possible. However, this does not mean that the price-performance could be the ratio in order.

Nevertheless, a product of the upper class.

Potential elite partners, users should be clear that you invest in an expensive product. Elite partner, for example, is. 24 months used, come together ordinary amounts. However, all of the life Partner should be clear that you are with elite partners a product of the upper class are going to use. Free Dating services can \ 't afford to be far from what the elite partner offers. Who not only Finding the right partner is a lot of value, but who would like to have one of the best products for this purpose, is well advised with elite partners .

The premium member relative to the free visitors:
  • Contact requests, personal greetings and message to read (absolutely necessary)
  • Contact requests, personal greetings and send message (absolutely necessary)
  • Own photos to unlock (absolutely necessary)
  • Photos of other view (absolutely necessary)
  • Detailed Personality Profiles (rather useful)
  • Guide to Online Dating (rather useful)
  • Radius search (very useful)
  • Contact warranty (Advertising promise – it's unnecessary)

Elite partner is different between the three running times of the premium membership:

Variant 1
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Elite Partner Price: 54,90 € per month
Variant 2
  • Duration 12 Months
  • Elite Partner Price: 39,90 € per month
Variant 3
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Elite Partner Price: 24,90 € per month

We recommend the version for 12 months. Why?

According to experience, is needed for the search for a partner on Online Dating services a year and a half. This can be compared to the Offline world very quickly. However, it may take a bit longer. Or you can get your first six months online and need the matchmaking is still a few weeks longer. You would have to extend to six months, comes the considerably more expensive . If you believe, however, from there, you create it in half a year, you should save the remaining 6 months and a six-month term you choose.

Image: Since you want to be contacted by a beautiful woman, can't read it but without a premium membership, unfortunately.

Image: So it is a lot better. The free membership is only for a first impression.

Price discount (e. g. for Single parents)

At the beginning of the membership elite partner for its newly acquired users Discount of 25% to. For all, which it is clear that you want to use elite partners, this is a buying opportunity.

Plus point for elite partner in the price policy: The matchmaking discounts for certain groups of offers. Single parents, for example, receive a whopping 50% discount.

Caution: As with all other Dating agencies, therefore, extended the premium membership to elite partner automatically to the originally selected term, if not timely terminated. We recommend, therefore, directly after the conclusion of the premium membership, to terminate this already, as a precaution again. We will explain how the easily goes.

5.2 price-to-performance ratio in the case of elite partners

Like any good partner, also has elite partner for its price. The matchmaking is also not free or inferior portal to compare. Elite partner is always money in the development and must pay its employees. Such a Service can't just give it for free.

The benefits and opportunities that brings elite partner, are ultimately, your price value . How much money you want to invest in the partner, and whether this is done online, can only know yourself. Elite partner is one of the best Dating agencies in the German-speaking countries, the services are good. The price is just in a suitable Relation.

For negotiated:

*** 5% discount given ***

Exclusive Dating compass, you get 5% on the premium membership to elite partner.

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Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Love . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Elite Partner Summary

In The Test: Elite partner
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

User Ratings Overall


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I don't understand eh, what's that supposed to mean with all the "Elite" stuff. Now what is better? "Oohhhh, I belong to the ELite and so wants someone from the Elite." they Should remain quiet time. As it would arrive in love pimär to that sort of thing.

Let the people do what they want. Whether you are looking for now people, the "Elite" are or may all be different but no matter. Who doesn't want a Partner who has a good base. A matter of taste I would say. I do, at least with elite partners a good experience. ;)


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