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Practice test:




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Conclusion: Who wants to try something New compared to the conventional Dating services, you'll love Zoosk. The high quality of the functions and the playful design convince. Keep it up!

Pros and cons of Zoosk:

Positive at Zoosk

  • The Members are very sociable (contact-test result excellent)
  • Cheaper price for a matchmaking
  • Very good for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Short (1-month) membership to try out

Negative at Zoosk

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (any Dating services)
  • The number of partner suggestions a little low

Our tip to Zoosk

Crystal Clear Recommendation: Get A Premium Membership. Although you can be on Zoosk register for free and look around (which you should do only once) however , köcan no news be read and written. Who is Zoosk w,&mdash considers;re wrong free of charge themselves. All of the seriösen, and successful Online Dating services have a price.

Zoosk-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 62 actual contact sequence
  • 6 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for Zoosk

Members statistics

45% women

55% of men
The share of women at Zoosk

Fitness for love

  • Good Mix of Flirt App and matchmaking
  • Self-Mediation Learning System

Fitness for love

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 2.500.000
  • Demand trend: 60.500

The degree of activity in Germany

1. Zoosk Review: Summary

To love someone and to be loved is the greatest desire of a human being. Many Germans are therefore looking for a Partner. Almost normal the Dating over the Internet. Online Dating Services specialize in bringing together Singles. Zoosk discovered this challenging area just.

Still, Zoosk is not fully arrived in the area of matchmaking. The partner proposals (smart date) are good, but there's still something missing regularity. Nevertheless: Zoosk is revolutionize on a good (if not perhaps even the most promising) way with innovative approaches to the Dating service to. In any case, it has made Zoosk's already one of the best Dating agencies in Germany. Recommended!

A summary of the test results on Zoosk:

Practice test and experience
The practical test is run for Zoosk extremely successful. The success rate of Zoosk, situated in an exceptionally high range for Dating services. However, the result is devalued, as many of the contacts are not assigned to the field of matchmaking. Nevertheless, Zoosk has a very good practical test of the judgment. The success rate is a result of the contact-Tests and gives an indication of how well the contact with other members can be manufactured. This indicator is critical for the success of an Online Dating service. Good!
Features and Profiles
Zoosk combines the functional with playful elements. So Zoosk not only delivers good results, but also makes fun. Notable features in the area of matchmaking, the "smart date" (self-learning rich System with an intelligent Matching algorithm), and the "insights" (revealing information about your own flirting behavior). The functions for the matchmaking are very innovative, but there is a point deduction as the number of partners is quite low.
Who would have thought that Zoosk scores especially in the area of user-friendliness. Of course, manage good results in the Design, the handling, and the Mobile-fitness/ the Apps are to be expected. But that Zoosk in terms of customer service and Notice positive strikes was not to be expected. Exemplary!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
No other major matchmaking is as low as Zoosk. Granted, the matchmaking has in Zoosk's so not the Central role. Nevertheless, the Price-To-Performance Ratio is very good. Since there is nothing to complain about!

2. Zoosk practice test and Zoosk experience

With this Zoosk review we want to give you the option of a deep insight into the Online to win matchmaking. In the framework of the Tests we have analysed Zoosk in detail. For the Test two Zoosk created Profiles (male and female). Both Profiles with average-looking people, and average profile data. First of all the free options were considered and documented. In the subsequent step, a premium memberships were purchased, and the partners are tested in the mediation up to the smallest Detail. The result of the practical tests is a fundamental part of Zoosk's Tests, and has a large influence on the overall judgment.

In the search results on Google for the search term" Zoosk Experiences to find “ sometimes have a negative impact on user reports. These reports have for the most part, your rights and serve to get a holistic picture of Zoosk to. We take into account rush these reports and reports from Zoosks advantages and night.

2.1 first impression of Zoosk

The first impression is good, the page works both on Desktop PC and on the Smartphone nicely done. It quickly becomes apparent that Zoosk chooses a modern approach in the search for a partner and previous Dating services stand out. We are excited to see what this Newcomer and how it is reflected in the Zoosk Test.

Zoosk chooses a modern approach to matchmaking.

A lot of information about what to expect on Zoosk but not found the time to. You are looking for something after that, explains the various types of Zoosk's features in the press section. This sound exciting and promise a new type of matchmaking with auto-learning functions. We will see how well Zoosk fails in the Test, and how our Zoosk experience will be.

It would be nice to prepare some of the information (e. g., the mediation of a concept) so on the Desktop Version of the site and easily accessible to find. A pity, therefore, that we find here no information about possible Zoosk. While it can be used according to Zoosks the Portal is free of charge, however, there are also paid features and a premium membership. A Declaration before the registration is missing, there is a minus point.

The interested party comes mobile to Zoosk, the matter looks quite different. The Prices be called (In-App purchases) and not later than on the App Store and you will receive essential information to Zoosk and Zoosk App. One quickly realizes that Zoosk is moving, especially in the mobile world of Smartphones and Tablets. Mobile-optimized sites and Apps make the best possible impression and desire on the product. The mobile orientation is a clear Plus.

Video: Zoosk the Spot to set the mood

After the registration, the profile is quickly created. It is even faster with a shortcut to the Facebook account. Then all the required profile data to be imported directly from there. This is particularly for the area of "interests" in practice.

Image: filled in the profile description, you can start the same.

2.2 contact-Test on Zoosk

The contact-Test is used to determine how easy it comes with other members in the Dating service in the contact. We test this in particular, because the contact is joyfulness and vitality of the members is essential for the functioning of a Online Dating service. So, Zoosk has undergone the contact Test. (Automated reply to a wink is not, of course, were included in the count.)

Image: Someone wants to chat! - Just like that? - Very happy.

The results of the test at Zoosk

30 days contact Test at Zoosk

>> Passive contact recordings: 39

  • of received standard greetings: 37
  • of the received individual messages: 3

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 20
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 3

Success rate: 62 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Thirty nine passive contact plus Twenty three positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

Image: gifts you can make. This lady has already been richly rewarded. Roses seem to like her – or roses are to have particularly favorable (10 coins).

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience Zoosk

The success rate in Zoosk is a very high-level very few other Dating services provide this result. However, the result is a little devalued since many contacts are not assigned to the field of matchmaking. Nevertheless, The practice test illustrates clearly that Zoosk a well-functioning Online matchmaking the members of the contact attempts to be open and interested respond. Otherwise a matchmaking might not work at all. Good!

3. Features and Profiles on Zoosk

The Zoosk features have been tested primarily on an iPhone and the Zoosk App. Secondary tested the functions on the desktop version for PCs.

3.1 function and mediation methodology on Zoosk

Function "Search"

With this function, the user supplied matching Profile to the search criteria set (can be changed). The nice thing is that by wiping to the left or to the right (Desktop: click the forward or Back Buttons) quickly between the proposals and hergesprungen can be. As a result, no boredom . As in real life, the eye wanders first to the large displayed photo of the other profiles. The user is not curious, is quickly called to the next profile. With the function "online Now" is exactly the method so.

Image: A smudge-and she's gone. The Next is already waiting on the right edge of the image.

Function "Carousel"

The carousel is a essential function of Zoosk in terms of matchmaking. Here are quickly and easily marked contacts, like one at first glance. This is based on the Profiles from the search result. In the carousel the user is under the question "Would you like to you/meet him?" a profile picture of another member shown. Now, the user taps on "no", "Yes and no" or "Yes". For each Yes and no and Yes and your account grows to a coin. Thus, coins can be earned. Why this can be useful, more on that later.

Image: "do you Want to meet"? Yes, Yes-No, No.

Zoosk remembers which member of for a Date is out of the question. One of the members vote in the carousel is so positive, it comes to a two-sided interest . Now and contact can be made. The function can be fun and easy to be on the side used (for example, in the supermarket queue). Of course, only the externals of the members are in the foreground and character traits are left out. Nothing makes the time we find. The matchmaking in the aspect of personality to another site instead (smart date).

Image: there is a mutual interest, the output of the previously earned coins directly to the contact unlock.

Function "Smart Date"

Smart date is the real heart of Zoosks . Only by this feature of Zoosk is to be classified at all in the area of Dating services. Smart date is a of Zoosk developed algorithm of self-learning . Similar to other Dating services on the interests and personality are compared to characteristics of the user, and the matching members introduced to each other. These people are supposed to fit according to Zoosk's be good to each other and be attracted to find.

This is unique.

In contrast to the conventional Online Dating services is not determined at Zoosk, the personality profile by means of a questionnaire. The SmartDate proposes to the user Profiles on the Basis of his previous Zoosk-use. This is unique. The information for this wins Zoosk from the profile information (updates), from the approvals or refusals of smart date-proposals, and from smart date surveys.

At irregular intervals the users will be proposed in the smart date is a suitable profile. If the user says, within 24 hours, "Yes" and decided against the page exactly as it comes to a Match. A profile meets with rejection of the response will remain anonymous.

Image: A Smart Date-Partner Proposal. If you has interest?

The matchmaking by means of a learning system is impressive, and can actually provide a great value. We were in our Zoosk Test with the matchmaking satisfied. The number of The proposed Profiles is lower than for conventional Online Dating services, however, the accuracy seems to be at a high level. Over time, we have also noticed a significant improvement in the proposals.

The interests, Facebook, and the Matching

Zoosk omitted, contrary to the conventional Online Dating services on personality questionnaires-determination. To Zoosk from the competition lifts and new trails. We find it first. Innovations are valuable and important.

Decisive for the partner's proposals for the smart date seem to be to a relevant extent, the self-determined interests of the profiles. Of course, the interests will allow to draw conclusions on the personality, and can be a determining factor in whether two people have the same values, and may also like and appealing find. In the Zoosk Test, the manual has Selection of interests proved, however, unfortunately, as a small obstacle . Many of the searched-for interests (see image) could not be found. For example. could not be found in less popular works or Hobbies. The interests of Import from Facebook is available and can be far more practical variant (so it is thought, too, actually).

Image: The selection of interests is somewhat limited. Who uses Facebook is at an advantage.

This seems to be due to the fact that Zoosk Like his interests-classification on-me lists of Facebook is based. It is this interest in General, as an Element on Facebook, it is also on Zoosk to. This has clouded our Zoosk experience something, because for the personality determination of a user at Zoosk (and thus for the results of partner proposals) these interests are relevant. A limited selection of interests reduced the diversity of the profiles and homogenized this. Smart dates can not therefore take into account all aspects of the problem. Our expectations of the partner's proposals was therefore not too large. To our Surprise the partner's proposals in the smart date, however, suitable.

Image: The interests can also be simply taken over by Facebook. Practical.

Communication functions

For communication with other members of the are generally

  • Standard greeting in the Form of a "Zuzwinkerns",
  • to Send a message (a premium feature), and
  • the chat conversation (i.e., a premium feature) available.

These functions are usually the consequence of one of the above-mentioned functions, and is used when an interesting profile is found.

Image: for premium members: read and send.

The Function Of "Gifts"

Interest in a member, is that digital gifts can be made. In this way, the member can be shown the interest. Finally, it is not given to just any something – the gifts have your Price .

Image: there Must be something from the kitsch shelf? Gifts could Express interest.

Function "Tools"

Anyone who wants to can his earned coins to take advantage of its To increase profile visibility . For this purpose, the user can purchase "Extras". In consequence, their profile will be shown more often to other members and prominently placed. More contacts result. According to Zoosk, so 3 can be used to generate times more profile views. In our Test, it has been confirmed in Parts.

Image: our test profile is not so popular. The tools could help.

Function "Mega Flirt"

This feature is free of charge and the number of Contacts in the height almost. The user selects a pre-defined message and Zoosk sends a Chat request to the members in the area and the age range of the user. This function can be used free of charge. And in fact, the Zoosk Test, we were able to make some new contacts.

Function "Insights"

The own flirting behaviors.

This Zoosk function is unique in the industry and provides interesting insights into their own flirting behavior . The can help themselves, but also to understand the potential flirt partner better. In consequence of the Flirt optimized behavior be. If the user learns, for example, that he prefers a certain flirt types of as a Partner, he can narrow down his search accordingly. Or he can talk to his contacts to targeted. The user thus learns, which is the Flirttyp has interest in him. In the ideal case, this Flirttyp would, of course, with the first cover. It is but to be expected for the first time. So the user can work out, for example, that he is perceived differently. With a permanent control of success in "insights". The function is a little Gimmick. But you can imagine what Benefit you can, sooner or later, pins actually.

Image: Zoosk a get-to-know. So the private Flirt can be improved.

3.2 quality of profiles on Zoosk

In fact, there are on Zoosk some a few Fake Profiles . It is somewhat noticeable that the profile review will not get as much attention as in the case of the conventional Online Dating services. Our Zoosk experience, but it is good to see possible Fakes and just left. Who wants to be on the safe side, should only profiles Verification Faith in it. The number of Fakes and Scammers in our Test overall, but very much in the frame.

Profile verification

For security and protection against Fake Profiles on Zoosk's the same to verify four ways to be profiles . It is a photo confirmation via Video, a confirmation number and a confirmation via Facebook or Twitter are available.

The Photo confirmation via Video is remarkable For this variant, however, requires the Zoosk App. A Video is recorded of you. Moderator of Zoosk compare the video recording with the profile images. Match the people and the pictures show the users, how it actually looks, is the exam successfully. This type of profile verification is not very common for sure, but still. For this purpose, there is a Plus point for Zoosk .

Image: it's Very simple: The photo-Video-profiles-verification

The profile pictures for Zoosk, not hide. This would therefore make little sense, since a significant part of the mediation methodology is based to the fact that the images of the other users to be assessed. Who wants to carry out her / his life partner like that, anonymous, is not for Zoosk right. We find the open approach, however, is legitimate and values him not a negative.

Profile Tips:
  • You make so a lot of pictures as possible in your profile. The more pictures you have, the more interesting and credible you appear.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to To verify the profiles . Many Zoosk users have profiles, fear of Fake. You directly show that you are genuine and really look to see how the pictures photo-Video verification)is (

3.3 summary of Zoosk's features and Profiles

Zoosk differs in its functions from the conventional Online Dating services. This can be an advantage. For Dating in Zoosk the function "smart date counts". Here there are actual partners of the proposals in the original sense of the word. Unfortunately, the number of partner proposals for the purpose of matchmaking is still a bit low.

Worthy of note is the functional area "insights", which reveals an interesting insight about his or her Dating behavior is so. Zoosk makes generally fun, since the functions are easy to use and a lively exchange of ideas with other members. The quality of the functions and partner proposals is good, however, the number of proposals should be a bit higher. This will certainly happen if Zoosk in Germany is even more popular. And it will be, in our view.

4. User-friendliness: Zoosk

Zoosk offers in contrast to the large, conventional Online Dating services no Advisor-the area of around the topic of Dating, love and Sex. The it does not need according to our experiences, even . In the guide you can find these issues. A sleek product, focused on the Essentials, we find appealing.

4.1 customer service and contact Zoosk

Zoosk offers extensive FAQs the most problems and answer questions. To heard yet: our Zoosk Test it, we test the customer service and contact options. Already the contact options provide information about the quality of customer service.

The answer was a recall on the same day.

Zoosk gets for the Commission of a telephone customer service a plus point . This is exemplary in the industry and, unfortunately, no Comparisons. But wait – In our test call, we discovered that on the connection, only messages on a tape left can be. We described our (constructed) Problem. The answer was a recall on the same day. Plus point!

Of course, we have also used the contact form. To our question, we got prompt, very friendly and helpful reply. We also got some coins as a gift, just like that. Wow!

Image: Exemplary! In addition to a contact form, there is also a phone number. The recall came on the same day.

4.2 termination at Zoosk

First, behind so Zoosk is a slightly bitter aftertaste, since the premium memberships extend for a certain number of methods automatically. This is quite common in the industry. We do not find it is still good. However, Zoosk offers a simple way to cancel the subscription.

Model: So easy can otherwise be nowhere to be terminated.

Tip: Don't forget your Zoosk To cancel subscription once you have found a Partner. We explain here how to do this quickly and easily.
So you cancel with Zoosk:

Here Zoosk is now actually exemplary. While it is a the other Online Dating services with the termination of the premium membership is often difficult to make, shows Zoosk here, full transparency and user-friendliness. You look in the help section after the heading "notice of cancellation" will bring you to a detailed article can be describes as terminated. Big plus point is that The termination can (whether before, on iTunes, Amazon, or the Zoosk website what is purchased) directly to the Computer to be carried out. Very practical and user-friendly.

Image: It can be so easy. Just in iTunes, the extension cancel.

4.3 operation and Design on Zoosk

For the operation and the Design on Zoosk there is not much to say. Both are at a high level. Zoosk is operated either in the mobile version (Apps and mobile website) as well as in the Desktop version easy to use and leaves no questions unanswered. The Design is modern and appealing. The use of power, therefore, fun.

4.4 Mobile Zoosks / The Zoosk App

The special area of Zoosks: Here Zoosk is very well positioned. Ingenious Apps for Apple iOS devices and Android devices at the heart Zoosks are. So, the mobile Version of the website for mobile devices works excellent. The life partner from the Smartphone, mobile phone or Tablet for the fun of it. If you have a Smartphone, we recommend the use of the Zoosk App. Apart from the profile information, the App is absolutely suitable for everyday use and practical.

4.5 conclusion to Zooks user-friendliness

With the Test of the Customer service we were very satisfied . Namely, the recording tape does not meet the specified phone number to the actual purpose, however, the Service has responded well. Design and usability belong to the top class . The mobile Fitness for phone and Tablet is out of the question, and even fun. Particularly noteworthy is the option is the premium membership online terminate to be able to. Top!

5. Price-to-performance ratio in the case of Zoosk

5.1 Zoosk prices and Zoosk cost

To Zoosk really successful make use of a premium membership is essential. As a free member, it is not possible to read messages, let alone write it. Chat only of course as a premium member. Because without communication, but so not a Flirt comes into existence, these functions are elementary – a premium membership is quasi-compulsory.

Of course, Zoosk does not offer its services free of charge. The free membership is that prospective buyers can make an impression of the Dating App. We also recommend to all readers.

Privileges of the Zoosk premium membership
  • Unlimited messages to read and write (absolutely necessary, includes chat)
  • See who has visited your profile (useful)
  • Smart date (necessary for serious Dating)
Time-Saving Tip:
It makes a difference whether you decide on a PC or via the App for a premium membership. Both the prices as well as the maturities offered will differ. Ultimately, however, it has no effect on the functionality or the usability of Zoosk.

A premium membership on Zoosk App

The Zoosk Premium Membership there are in three durations at different prices per month:
  • For 6 Months Duration is Zoosk price € 15.00 per month (50% cheaper per month than 1-month duration)
  • For 3 Months is Zoosk price € 20.00 per month
  • For 1 Month Term is Zoosk price 29,99 € per month

Premium membership via the website

The Zoosk Premium Membership there are in three durations at different prices per month:
  • For 12 Months Duration is Zoosk price 15,90 € per month (47% less expensive per month than 3-month duration)
  • For 6 Months Duration is Zoosk price 20,90 € per month
  • For 3 Month Term is Zoosk price 29,90 € per month

Image: Zoosk prices for a premium membership.

We recommend the 6-month period. Why?

In this variant, 50% of the Zoosk cost savings . According to our experience, is required for the life partner in Dating services about a year and a half. This is usually faster than in the Offline world. Who decides for the 6 months, you can save considerably. He who hesitates, can of course start with the 3-month period. Less experience is not worth it according to. Who would like to try Zoosk only time should use only the free membership.

The Zoosk prices are relatively cheap compared to those in other Dating services. It should be noted, however, that the Zoosk cost, if necessary, by additional coin purchases increase.

Caution: As with all other Dating services, so you can extend the premium membership Zoosk automatically to the originally selected term, if not timely terminated. We recommend, therefore, directly after the conclusion of the premium membership, to terminate this already, as a precaution, re ( Information ).

On Zoosk, there are so-called In-App purchases. It coins can be purchased that are required for certain functions.

For this purpose, coins are used
  • Gifts to buy: 10 – 100 coins
  • To find out whether a message has been read: 35 coins
  • Contact unlock: for 30 coins
  • Special delivery of a message as a Pop-Up: 45 tokens
  • Features: 100 coins (your Own profile, increase visibility, and possibly more calls to get)
The costs Zoosk coins
  • For 1,800 coins is Zoosk price 89,99 € (55% cheaper than the 180 coins package)
  • For 480 coins is Zoosk price 34,99 €
  • For 180 coins is Zoosk price 19,99 €

Image: So the coins can be purchased. On large quantities discount.

5.2 price-to-performance ratio in the case of Zoosk

Zoosk is one of the noticeably more favorable matchmaking. And that is an excellent Dating App is although Zoosk and sophisticated features. The low price may be due to the fact that Zoosk is originally from the area of the Flirt portals and in the field of matchmaking is yet to prove itself. Our Test has shown, however, that Zoosk is already one of the best Online Dating services, and thanks to its innovations are still a lot of Potential. Consequently, it can be said that the Price-to-performance ratio remarkably well is.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Love . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Zoosk's Summary

In The Test: Zoosk
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Eight / Th

User Ratings Overall


Quick reviews of the users

zoosk is maybe actually more of a flirtapp as a part nerve mittling, but I find this mixture very well. so, at least in my experience. here, it's not so stiff and still, partner proposals.


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