Free Online Dating services worthwhile?

Online Dating takes place, as the Name suggests, on the Internet, so of course there are ways to use it for free. However, there are several reasons that speak against it:
If the product costs nothing, then You're the product. This Maxim of the Online Business States that you must pay for services and products, the no cost money, somehow. In free Dating, you must take either advertising or accept that their data will be traded.
What costs nothing is worth nothing. This refers not only to the quality of the free Dating sites, but especially on the setting of the Singles you use. Where the registration and use is free, you can find much more carelessly crafted Profiles and dead files.
Cheap single-stock = miser Singles? This equation is true, but not exclusively, one can assume, conversely, that it is Singles the Dating is more serious, if you are willing to invest a certain amount in a reputable Dating site.