About us

The project grew out of years ago out of a personal need. How to find a reputable and functioning of the Dating offers? No one was able to answer this question reliably, and simply. So we went to work and searched, and analyzed the various offers. The result is what is so comprehensive and valuable that we decided to take this experience and the accumulated Knowledge available on the Internet to. From this, a more professional offering with more and more support has developed over the years.

The goal was and continues to be to offer the Online Dating prospective orientation. To help you get into the clutches of swindlers and con men, but to find working offers with a good price-performance ratio. Designed specifically for your needs.

The Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of permanent employees and freelance editors and journalists who have a passion for the Internet and the Online Dating. Many of the editors have a professional past at Online Dating and would know well in the industry. You know very well, such as the rabbit, and what to look out for. We are proud of the Team and look forward every day to cooperate with him.

The Initiator

Artur Schmidt
Is in exchange with the Dating providers, in order to capture Changes and new features in a timely manner.

Philipp Schmuker

Taking care of internal processes and the organization.

Florian Tillmann

Ensures that the site works well and takes care of the Server and technology.

How financed Dating-Kompass.de?

It was always the goal and the Motivation to make the many of Online Dating prospects to a free orientation is available. Dating-Kompass.de published all the reports and experiences completely free of charge. The use of The site is for the interested parties free of charge. Of course, the costs on the part of Dating-Kompass.de. The operation of the site, but especially the payment of the editors and journalists must be ensured. The free Service can be maintained, it must also be revenue. Therefore, Dating refers to the compass part finder's fees of Online Dating provider.